1. Very impressive, but his neck ruins everything


  3. Nice Body

  4. this guy skipped legs day.

  5. #HALFNATTY’S that’s why Chris Jones wants nothing to do with them

  6. this guy skipped an eye test

  7. What’s the tune?

  8. Dont you think if this dude was on gear his chest and traps would be a lot
    better? And even if he is, shut the fuck up cuz he still preaches the LoA

  9. What he speaks is so vague…

  10. what he speaks is so true!

  11. What he speaks is 50% truth

  12. whats wrong with his neck?

  13. He has a giraffe neck

  14. What…? How about you educate yourself first. You can VERY WELL eat chili
    dogs and drop fat, it’s all about hitting your macronutrients for the day.
    Visit bodybuildingdotcom, you might learn a thing or two.

  15. Seriously, if people think this guy is on steroids, I’ve officially lost
    hope for most people. People need to educate themselves before they make
    ridiculous comments. I love how people say “there’s no way you can eat ice
    cream and be that lean” when they don’t know how to properly diet. SMH.

  16. ? looks fine to me, are you saying that because he has big traps?

  17. So Brandon whats your macronutrient count? And the count of a chilli dog?
    You should make videos too dude you clearly have a lot of knowledge, Im
    sorry I have just been dieting and training differently for the last 5
    years, so I wasnt aware of how macros could be hit, if you could share your
    diet info, that’d be great, thank you for your time

  18. u mirin’?

  19. what´s mirin? Óó

  20. geaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

  21. eat clen and tren hard

  22. Lagging bodypart = Legs

  23. We are here through Pure intelligence”

    I made that one up- pretty cool! ha a little joke but like you said [and
    many others] ” train smart” BY having a smart plan (intelligence) live
    lifestyle,. Results are endgame- Life is ups and downs, so is fitness.

  24. What are your numbers for nutrition like bro? Anybody know? Grams of
    protein etc. Thank you!

  25. Legs a little out of proportion in my opinion

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