The New Answer To Aging

by Vinay

There are so many solutions to aging, and if you just store away enough cash, slowing down the aging process isn’t just a possibility, it’s a definite reality!.

Some of these procedures may require healing time, and some can be done within minutes while allowing you to resume with your normal schedule almost immediately.

All will depend on you, of course. You need to see what suits you the most as you talk to an expert who will help you weigh your options. However, it is also important to note that just because there are solutions available, when it comes to skin care, you get the best results only if you do your part in taking care of what you have.

You may want to look into Pixel Laser treatment. The whole process makes use of non-ablative erbium laser to create a grid-like patter in affected areas. Because it focuses on small patches, the healing is fast and leaves no scars. People opt for this type of surgery for the following reasons:

– They want to bring the tightness back on their skin
– To get rid of former scars
– To lighten skin pigmentation

Thank goodness for science and all its wonders. Your lifestyle may have done a lot of damage on your skin, and while you’re being responsible now, you can’t do much about your past mistakes.

As much as you still use sunscreen and moisturizers, you are now presented with a less than stellar skin tone, texture, and condition. If you have some reservations and are a bit skeptic about the anticipated outcome, you can research about it and ask your doctor to show pictures of what you can expect right after.

Usually, the entire process only takes about an hour or less. You’ll be asked to lie on a bed, wear protective goggles over your eyes, and just wait everything out.

You’ll soon hear the machine whirring away as it makes contact to your skin. The first portion of the treatment deals with tightening your skin to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

The second portion of the treatment targets age spots and skin discoloration. This is when the IPL (intense pulse light) comes in. The laser may feel somewhat hot, but this will be very bearable.

With the constant motion, you get over the discomfort immediately because the machine doesn’t stay on one area too long. Gel will be applied on the area and throughout the time, you’ll feel as if your skin snaps back in place.

Then, the final phase makes use of the actual pixel laser. This is when the miracle happens. The laser makes tiny holes into the skin to promote new growth of cells evenly.

Somehow, the whole process stimulates the production of new collagen to make you look young without having to go through the usual downtime. To lessen the discomfort, ice cold towels are placed on your skin.

You may have to go in for several sessions, which are strategically and evenly spaced from each other. In the end, you’ll look years younger without the usual cuts and scars.

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Updated: October 31, 2012 — 7:11 pm

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