The Natural Beauty Secret to Young and Healthy Skin

It’s hard to deal with skin flare-ups. You end up annoyed and insecure with how you look. Not only do you look unhealthy, but skin breakouts could also add years to your face. Experts from all over point to stress as the main culprit.

When under pressure, your body produces hormones that wreak havoc on your skin. As your skin cells lose water and become dry, and your immune system gets weaker, you will see all these on the surface of your skin.

Of course, most want to look their best at all times, and when something mars your face, you get irritated when your plans get foiled. Well, thank goodness for doctors because they are constantly coming up with smart solutions that benefit your emotional and physical wellbeing.

You know that you have dry skin when lotion, no matter how much you slather on, can no longer hydrate it. What is happening here is stress because every time you feel some form of anxiety, you break down your skin’s natural barrier.

This compromises your skin’s ability to lock in moisture. You will see intense dryness through unsightly patches in the different areas of your body.

When your skin is as dry as bone, getting plenty of shut-eye is crucial to healing, since your body recovers overnight from cellular damage. It replenishes itself every time you hit the bed and get some of that zzzz’s. To melt away the worries, smooth massage oil down your back and all over your body.

While lying in bed, you could also try to progressively tighten and relax each of the muscles from your head to your toes. This move helps release tension.

As for your face, you also have to give it some much-needed TLC. To preserve as much of your natural oils as possible, use a hydrating wash free of chemicals that make your skin thirsty. Read the back label of the products you purchase.

Also, it never hurts to ask the help of an expert. You need to retain as much of your skin’s natural moisture even as you wash away dirt and grind.

When you are in the shower, gently scrub your body. This helps stimulate the skin’s receptors and lower the levels of stress hormones. Keep the water temperature lukewarm to retain moisture present under your skin. Then, put on a thick cream within minutes after you shower so that you are sure to seal in the moisture.

As for your diet, try to chow down foods filled with omega 3 fatty acidssuch as nuts, salmon, and soy beans. You can also get this from nutritional supplements like Herbalife LifeLine capsules, which you can buy from this site.

These promote hydration while lowering tension all over your body. If you find that you still have itchy areas on your face, puree a whole cucumber and apply this on your face. Let it sit for a few minutes before you gently wash it off with mild soap and water. Remember, with the right kind of care, you can look a lot younger and feel a whole lot better. It takes work, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

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Updated: December 14, 2013 — 12:59 pm

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