The Most Effective Exercise to Lose Midsection Fat Fast

Have you been struggling to lose midsection fat? Have you been doing every type of exercise under the sun and still no results? In this article, I would like to talk about the most effective exercise to lose midsection fat fast.

First things first. Understand that midsection fat is stubborn. In order to lose stubborn fat, proper nutrition is top priority. You must be eating correctly if you expect to see results. Don’t listen to those diet “gurus” out there telling you to just do some ab crunches, etc., and all of sudden…BOOM…there goes your midsection fat?! Ab exercises do not burn off midsection fat, they simply tone the muscles under your fat. You have to remove the fat on top of those muscles in order for them to show.

So, with that said, make sure you put your primary emphasis on proper nutrition if you expect to see results fast. Proper nutrition consists of eating protein, fiber, complex carbs, healthy fats (monounsaturated, Omega), and foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Also proper nutrition consists of making sure you eat the correct amount of calories daily based off of your current weight. DO NOT REDUCE CALORIES! That’s another diet myth. Reducing calories will slow down your metabolism which will equal stored fat. You burn off calories by way of exercise.

Speaking of exercise….what is the most effective exercise to lose midsection fat fast?

Guys, as I stated earlier, midsection fat is stubborn, and with anything stubborn, you are going to have to increase the intensity. Ding, ding, ding!! That’s right…the fastest and most effective way to lose midsection fat is with high intensity exercises. High intensity exercising will produce much more rapid fat loss by way of increasing your metabolic rate….even while resting! Some examples of high intensity exercises are sprinting, walking on an incline treadmill, and super set weight training (alternating between two different types of weight training exercises without rest).

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