The Loose Diet to Lose Weight

Dieters are always looking for weight loss tricks that will help them lose weight. They often set themselves up for failure with unrealistic expectations. Having a loose diet plan that allows dieters to eat whatever they want, whenever they want, allows dieters the freedom to make healthier choices and stay on track toward their goals.

Lose Weight Fast Naturally by Saying Yes

“Yes” is the magic word for dieters. When dieters tell themselves “no,” they set themselves up for failure. Telling the brain not to think of a purple elephant practically ensures it will. Telling the brain it can’t have chocolate ensures it will want more than its fair share. This is human nature. One of the best weight loss tricks is for dieters to use “yes” as a way to make good choices. The three phrases which can change how a dieter looks at food are:

  • Yes After
  • Yes Half
  • Yes Later

Yes After– This is really a way of saying eat vegetables first. Hunger is a great motivator. It takes 20 minutes for the body to know it isn’t hungry anymore. Eating high fiber, hunger-fighting foods before a meal of whatever dieters would normally eat ensures that they will not over indulge. Dieters should fill up on raw vegetables, fruits, low calorie high fiber cereal, or fiber supplemented yogurt and other snacks half an hour before meals.

Yes Half– Those that want to succeed at losing weight should watch portions. A good way is to eat half of the meal. Dieters should promise themselves they can eat the other half later. That high calorie lunch then becomes a moderate calorie lunch and dinner. Adding plenty of raw vegetables and other nutrient dense, low-calorie foods to lunch leftovers ensures dieters won’t feel deprived at dinner time.

Yes Later– Whether it’s the other half of a lunch burger which is going to become dinner, the other cookie or candy bar in the snack, or one more handful of chips, dieters can use delayed gratification as way to succeed. “Yes Later” allows dieters permission to eat more, and knowing that the other half of that favorite sandwich is waiting can help stave off an afternoon binge.

Healthy Nutrient Dense Foods Instead of a Diet Regimen

Dieters should tell themselves what they must eat, not what they can’t eat. Healthy nutrient dense foods such as the ones on the World’s Healthiest Foods List, should be a major source of nutrition. Diet regimens tell dieters what they can’t eat and what they should eat. A loose diet plan doesn’t do that.

A loose diet plan is one where the dieter says what must be eaten daily regardless of other foods available. If a dieter must eat ten healthy nutrient dense foods a day, there is less room for unhealthy calorie laden foods. It isn’t easy to eat a cheeseburger after a bowl of lentil bean chili. Dieters should choose a number of healthy foods that they can live with which they dedicate to eating every day. They are more likely to be successful if they have to add to their diets than if they feel they are going to get something taken away.

Diet, Water, and Exercise

Fat stores can’t be burned without sufficient water. Good hydration is necessary for lipolysis. Drinking plenty of water helps the body to break down fats, and if it’s ice cold the body has to use energy (calories) to warm it up! Drink water before juice, sodas, milk, coffee, or tea.

Weight bearing exercises build muscle. Choosing to lift weights helps increase muscle mass, giving dieters a more fit appearance. It also raises metabolism, and may increase energy.

Aerobic exercise is good for the heart. It improves cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation. It increases respiration and oxygen transport. High impact aerobics can cause damage to the joints, but low impact aerobic activity has many benefits for dieters.

Diet Food Programs Can Jump Start A Diet

Diet food programs such as Nutrisystem foods and Jenny Craig meals don’t have good long term weight loss statistics. “Results Not Typical” is often written as a caveat at the bottom of commercials for programs like these because few people do well. This is in part because dieters have a hard time making good food choices to replace the ready made meals, or they eat snacks that aren’t part of the plan.

How can savvy consumers beat the weight loss statistics? Use diet food programs as a way to jump start weight loss. They may not be a good long term solution, but the fast weight loss can help motivate a dieter to continue making good choices.

Focus on Health Not Fat

A perspective change can lead to long term success. If a dieter doesn’t lose weight as quickly as expected or breaks their diet plan for a day they may decide to quit altogether! A loose diet plan doesn’t require you to not eat certain foods. It doesn’t require that you lose a certain number of pounds. There’s plenty of wiggle room when the focus is on overall health and well being and what you must eat, instead of fat loss and what you can’t eat.

Diet has come to mean depriving oneself of something to lose weight. When someone says “I’m on a diet,” the listener knows they mean they aren’t allowed to eat certain foods. But everyone is on a diet, because the word “diet” just means the food a person eats. A loose diet is one that anyone could use for the rest of their lives for long term health and weight loss. Dieters are allowed to eat cake or candy, and they are allowed to have a cheeseburger or eat out. The loose diet only requires that the dieter focus on their overall health, energy, and well being. It’s a diet that can work within anyone’s context, whether they have 50 or 300 pounds to lose. More importantly it’s a plan anyone can stick to.


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