The Influence of Environment on Human Health

Today, humanity finds how to develop contemporary art and progress, but also around it, there are concerns over the deteriorating environment.

The environmental problem is deeply related to the bond that men have with the environment and also depends on the ratio of men to each other. The demographic factor and consumption of all natural resources, social infrastructure, economic and cultural that implies are determining factors in the emission of pollutants.

The health and development are intimately interconnected. Insufficient development lead to poverty and inappropriate development results in overconsumption, coupled with an expanding world population, can result in severe health problems related to the environment in developed and developing countries. The health of a community is directly related to factors affecting the relationship between health and illness and the basic human need of a safe environment and one that provides appropriate health determinants, which are expressed in pure water, adequate food and shelter .

Health and environment are a prerequisite for sustainable development. But a real problem in sustainable development on health is that many people think that environmental health is the responsibility of the health sector when the reality is that this is a multidisciplinary subject which is relevant worldwide.

The accelerated urbanization process brings a large number of diseases caused by unemployment, substandard housing, traffic congestion, air pollution, the growing accumulation of domestic and industrial wastes etc. Also produce and promote a negative lifestyle to health, such as snuff consumption, sedentary lifestyle and the use of transport on the car. This establishes a relationship that reaffirms the holistic concept and modern environmental health posed, suggesting that a healthy environment sustains and maintains a healthy lifestyle and vice versa.

The health impact of environmental degradation is often tenuous and trying to correct it is not always possible. The results of pollution often know so late, that only a few can establish a relationship between cause and effect.

Currently, 3 million children die under five each year worldwide due to environmental issues promoted by the pollution. There are several major health delivery epidemiological whose appearance and permanence may be related to insects and animals directly in the form of flies, cockroaches and mosquitoes, rats and mice. At the Academy of Medical Sciences there was a meeting where they discussed the unprecedented outbreak of encephalitis flavivirus. The owner of the health portfolio with the attendees discussed the problem in public health, making reference to these insects.

Between February and May 2005 there were eight deaths. Most of those infected are people over 60 years, although some cases were also detected in children and youth. The report provided by the Ministry of Health indicated that the cases were detected in the territory of Cordoba. The disease is not spread from person to person, since mosquitoes acquire the virus by feeding on infected animals, especially birds of various kinds. In the province of San Luis, after finding that a resident was infected in Córdoba of encephalitis, the Government declared an alert PUNTANO. But do not take emergency measures.

The operational components of environmental quality, refers to seven items involving global challenges to health and the environment, food and agriculture, water, industry, human settlements and urbanization, and international problems.

The main factors that threaten the environmental health are:
– Microbes, insects and animals.
– Environmental pollution.
– Eating disorders.
– Addictions (alcohol, snuff, drugs).
– Excessive activity.
– Social and economic problems.

The natural and social diversity, coupled with the multidisciplinary nature of environmental health, finding faces systematic actions, making it impossible to pretend that one interpretation is particular scientific discipline. Therefore current environmental problems is evident, demand the incorporation of new skills, the elimination of the subordination of many disciplines to the rationality of one, and finally that interdisciplinarity is not a sum of sectoral capabilities but must be understood as an active interaction around a specific situation of environmental health.

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