1. First ;)

  2. we need this in toronto

  3. They have there an awesome park. You can do everything you want on those

  4. “Daddy can we play at the playground ?” “No kid, the black guys are there”

  5. There is a nice one in Geneva, not that cool, but way better than what
    what was there before.

  6. would be awesome to have this on my city :<

  7. They should do this everywhere… You are awesome guys.

  8. Great idea and great work man!

  9. great job man!

  10. Good very very good

  11. this is seriously amazing. these parks should be everywhere because there
    is a good chance that it can change most people’s lives

  12. This guy really has something to say, nice video, keep it up!

  13. Only lazy fools would dislike this video.

  14. this is a great way to give something back to the community

  15. awesome work guys

  16. Damn i really want one park in my town there only a amusement park for the
    kid and i dont want to disturb them… Barstarz tell the world!!!!!

  17. I love that is minimalist in approach & yet pretty complete :)

  18. C’mon Barstarzz! hit me with some blue prints of these bar setups! I’m
    trying to do something like this in my community.

  19. Wow!! I wish I was as strong as you guys!!!! You guys are crazy!

  20. I’m glad there was built a place like this xD I still do calisthenics at
    home …

  21. Browneeentertainment

    switzerland don’t sleep!

  22. that’s smart :o

  23. Good job Barstarzz !

  24. excellent!

  25. Sofia, Bulgaria. Make it happen!

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