The Impact Of Good Nutrition on Your Health

The Impact Of Good Nutrition On Your HealthThe unfortunate fact about eating habits among those today is that we are not getting the nutrition that we need from what we eat.

It is fallout from today’s society with all of its modern conveniences including fast food. This is in spite of the availability and robust supply of healthy foods from agriculture that many ignore and choose unhealthy food instead.

Many of us also depend on pharmaceutical medications to relieve symptoms associated with conditions brought on by poor nutrition. Without the proper nutrition, society will continue to battle medical and weight problems until everyone understands nutrition and its impact on a healthy and rich life.

What Food Should Do for Us

The food we eat needs to provide us with the required nutrition to maintain health and well-being. It should provide us with:

• Energy to support body functions
• Regeneration of dead cells
• Support for our immune systems
• Enjoyment

Nutritious food is the basic fuel that our bodies need to run on. It is crucial to the healthy functioning of many systems in the body to include cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, muscular, and sensory.

Cells die off each day on our bodies, especially the skin. Nutritious food is needed to replenish them. In fact, replenishment is needed at the rate of up to 500 billion cells each day.

One important system that depends on nutritious food is the immune system. A faulty immune system leaves us susceptible to all sorts of health problems

Nutritious food doesn’t have to be boring. Prepared right, it can calm us as well as excite us.

Sources of Nutrition Deficiencies

The sources for nutrition deficiencies stem mostly from not eating enough food and not eating the right foods. The fast food of today is loaded with unhealthy fat and sugar resulting in eating with just empty calories. These are foods such as hamburgers, ketchup, donuts, iceberg lettuce, and the list goes on and on. In fact, it was discovered through research that the majority of what people consider fruits and vegetables turn out to be ketchup and iceberg lettuce, two ingredients commonly found in fast food hamburgers.

It is important to understand the difference between nourishment and nutrition. Nourishment is when we eat something that tastes good and feel satisfied. It doesn’t necessarily have to be nutritious. Nutrition on the other hand is when we eat what our body requires to function at its best.
Another source of nutrition deficiencies is in our environment. It has been proven that our water, air, and food resources are full of toxins that also rob us of nutrients.

The Cost of Unhealthy Food

Everyone knows that fast and other unhealthy food typically costs more. However, the cost of food lacking in nutrition is not only evaluated in terms of money. Consuming too much of it can result in:

• Unhealthy body fat
• Cancer
• Heart disease
• Diabetes
• Arthritis
• Loss in bone density
• Immune system deficiencies

The list doesn’t stop here. By eating only food that nourishes us but does not supply nutrition, we open ourselves up to all sorts of health maladies.
The cost of unhealthy food that lacks in nutritional value takes its toll on entire nations as well. For example, the United States ranks 72 among 191 countries in terms of general health. This was determined through a study done by the World Health Organization. This translates to a country where the population has much expense treating their own sicknesses and other diseases due to poor health from a lack of nutrition.

Today, there is also focus on treating symptoms rather than eating healthy to avoid the maladies altogether. This has been fueled by the drug industry which is a billion dollar business in the United States. Think about it. Pharmaceuticals is what keeps these people in business and the population in general with their poor eating habits keeps these industrial giants alive.

What Should be Done for Nutrition

The key is to find where the nutrition deficiencies are and make changes to correct them. This is the goal of effective wellness programs in restoring total health. People are also starting to pay attention and trying to turn away from finding allopathic relief in a pill bottle.

To address the nutrition deficiencies, one must look to natural sources. This includes whole foods and natural supplements. Scientists are making discoveries each day as to the effectiveness of both of these in restoring optimal health.

There are also a variety of natural supplements available on the market today. Science just keeps getting better taking the nutrients from plants and converting them into supplemental form that can be taken safely and without the harmful side-effects of pharmaceuticals.

However, it is not all about supplementation. We need to change the way we shop for food and say no to unhealthy fast foods. Nature has provided us with many different fruits and vegetables where we can get most of the nutrients that we need. These are whole fruits and vegetables without the pesticides that are also toxic to our bodies.

By making the right choice of nutrition over convenience when it comes to food, all of us will begin to experience fewer health problems, keep our weight in check, and enjoy the benefits of a healthier and richer life. Not only this, we teach our children the value of nutrition and break the vicious cycle of today where most depend on allopathic medicine to relieve symptoms of conditions related to poor nutrition.

Take a hard look at your daily diet and make the changes necessary to turn your nutrition deficiencies around today.

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Updated: April 17, 2013 — 12:26 am

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