1. Sophia gets you…you are like Moses!

  2. Come to Hawaii! please stop trying to be perfect…perfect is a drug that
    one chases!

  3. Dan do you meditate? or do mind relaxation?

  4. dan, love you. you are a true healer… <3
    you are a blessing for the world.
    i would love to meet you one day to feel your energy.

    i really feel the same way in every word you say, and i follow every video
    of you… it´s a blessing and you are the light which was my personal energy
    love love love thank you. can´t say it too often.

  5. Awesome vid! ❤️one of my fav of yours! Awaiting part 2

  6. WOW! That was amazing. Thank you.

  7. We are very fortunate to have the insight for having massive abilities for
    growth…I am just getting started and I hope for my loved ones to follow
    along with me and define their own journeys!!! <3 🙂 Love all the way!

  8. Great to be there and se that love and peace! 

  9. I Think there is a Wholeness, but it doesn’t exist, you cannot reach it in
    this paradoxical Experience. Wholeness includes not-Wholeness.

  10. Another thing that helps us is our earth connection itself….feet on the
    ground 15 minutes a day literally charges us up…..just like a
    battery..prooven to work…one woman started this and had serious health
    problems…3 weeks later she was out dancing for the 1st time in
    years…makes sense to me in our electro magnetic universe..:)

  11. I enjoy your videos – thanks! Jesus said, “If you abide in my word, you
    are my disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth and the truth shall
    set you free.” John 8:32 

  12. …YOU GO BOY!!!!!! FWD to 17:00 minutes into vid! You are
    preaching!!!!!! Hugz to you and Sofia!

  13. Dan you are a vortext of light.

  14. Dan, Dan, Dan……You are so appreciated. And loved You are not alone. Be
    abundantly blessed

  15. Thank you for your honesty it is very empowering

  16. Sophia is such a wonderful support… she is strong, sensitive and
    intelligent …and her voice is growing stronger. Love to you both

  17. Hey Dan,

    It’s indeed about Alignment, which I learn about from Abraham-Hicks…
    Maybe you can too…

    Peace, Love and all other Divine Qualities,

  18. Dan Da Man, can you please do some videos about healing skin conditions
    like psoriasis, eczema, etc? Thanks broski. 

  19. Thank you so much! I needed to here this so much. After been doing a 21
    juice fast I got banans afterwords and just jumped on raw chocolate and
    felt awful and then then some cooked food and felt rely that I have to
    stuff my self and couldent stop. So it so nice to here that even you, that
    I look up to dont get it all the way every day. Lots of love! <3


    found the EGP right before I discovered you. had been a student of A
    Course in Miracles for many years…KNEW EGP was the next important
    step…nowhere else to go without following that important message first.
    ty dan…another beautiful video.

  21. That was beautiful on so many levels. Thank you

  22. MyBreatharian Journey

    Ha ha Sophia done took over lol! 11:30 That’s me. I fall countless times.
    But I get up every time with the same determination I had the first time.
    It is very important not to let past failures shape future goals. It’s all
    about NOW.

  23. i hate minute long adds for bud light….. fml dan super bowl sucks

  24. Has anybody noticed that Dan never says a bad word about anybody in his
    videos. A true mark of inner peace and contentment. 

  25. Dan, how do you feel about the historical confusion surrounding the Essene
    Gospels? Many Christians believe they were fabricated and not actually
    found within the Vatican… It’s a great piece of work and gives
    wonderfully detailed wisdom on health and wellbeing, but do you actually
    believe it’s authentic?

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