1. I hate this vedio

  2. I think it’s disgusting too

  3. nice house lol and thanks for the tips -aspiring fashion model

  4. Actually, it’s a myth that people used to die much younger than they do
    now. What actually brought the general life expectancy down was that so
    many kids died, so that’s just not true. Also, they typically died from
    diseases, not anything to do with their diet. I’m not arguing with what
    you’re saying otherwise, I have no idea if this diet is a good idea. It
    seems silly to me, but whatever.

  5. Nice, but .I did -10 lbs past 30 days.Open hawght.so\#YGS2fyO

  6. I eat 90% carbohydrates (sugar, mostly from fruit and I eat a huge amount
    of it) and I am slimmer than I have ever been at 5’11” 165 lbs. I used to
    eat the way that you described and was generally around 180-185 lbs. I am
    this slim and trim regardless of whether I exercise or not. I do regularly
    cause its important though and i do enjoy it. I quit meat since watching
    forks over knives. But celery salt & sugar-y syrup is what makes bacon
    tastes good. plain pig belly tastes like crud

  7. Wow models are models for a reason huh?

  8. Glycemic index has nothing to do with fat or weight gain. It’s a table
    indicating the effect certain foods have on one’s blood glucose levels.
    Cheese is as fattening as cake but it impacts the blood sugar less. I
    appreciate your desire to promote health but felt the need to clarify. Rock

  9. Egg yolks are not the good cholesterol!! And way back when our average
    lifespan was about 45 years due to poor diet. Also, carbs (incl sugar)
    actually do burn quicker but you gain less weight from sugar than fat. If
    you dont have a fast metabolism stay away from nuts until youre closer to
    your goal weight or you work out constantly. i lose the most weight when i
    cut out calories period. swapped sandwich bread with lettuce and used
    veggies more than anything. its hard but its best method.

  10. I am not saying eat dairy. But you are not right when you say yogurt and
    cheese didn’t exist in prehistoric times. In India, dairy has been used
    extensively from pre-historic times. Also, curdling of milk (yogurt) is a
    natural phenomenon, particularly in hotter climates. In a hot climate,
    leave the milk out for four hours and it will turn to yogurt, you don’t
    even need a starter. Cheese, in its simplest form has been made from
    centuries by adding lime/lemon juce to boiling milk 🙂

  11. Seltzer wasn’t in used in prehistoric times, you can’t have it~

  12. Just out of curiosity, do you find that you are not gaining weight from
    consuming that many calories a day. My endocrinologist has been telling me
    that to lose weight I need to consume no more than 1500 a day but that has
    been very hard for me because I work out hard and hungry. Any advice would
    be greatly appreciated.

  13. oh eating corpse is healthy!

  14. I tried the diet that she talked about and this is my view on it: Many
    people said you could eat unlimited amounts of fruits, without counting
    calories, so I did the same. However, personally I did not lose weight. I
    was actually pretty successful with the method you described (max. 1500cal
    and no carbs after 6pm), and switching to 5 bananas for dinner simply made
    me gain weight. I had lots of energy however, but I didn’t lose anything.
    Maybe it only works for some people, but not for me 😉

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    as his young boy. The two managed to cure themselves once they found the
    Acne Executioner (Google it). Most people won’t be as fortunate as them but
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  16. duh! kip zonder kop!

  17. Don’t kill piggies :'(

  18. what the matter of your fingers? why you acting weirdsuch way?I know those
    meaning but it looks trend around western countries.

  19. i don’t think she’s a model because 100% model don’t have boobs.

  20. She is. She modeled for brands like Prada and Bebe. She has a Wikipedia
    page about her modeling career. (:

  21. Evie Ercolin Matavelli

    Great tips! I am following kind the same diet and the results are amazing!
    I noticed cutting salt in my diet and replaced with black pepper helped
    sooo much!
    Lost so much weight! Added exercise too.., just dieting doesn’t do all the

  22. Katarína Bulinská

    Can I ask you? Do you think that drinking a black tea in the morning is bad
    for me? 

  23. I gain weight from nuts… Why!!!!!! I eat so healthy :(

  24. i eat everything even sugar but not too much BUT i exercise a lot and i
    lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks 

  25. GI means sugar not fat!

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