1. i use lugols Iodine, not for fukashima, just for the other benefits of it

  2. half of my hair has fallen out, I need to move into a homeo’s home and live
    with them

  3. yes Fady, and hi there mate

  4. Hey buddy 🙂

  5. i use bicarb to clean my teeth every day… with a dash of celtic salt and
    now a drop of peppermint and thyme essential oil and a slug of cocunt
    oil… my teeth feel great hehe

  6. 5lb… ffs lol… thats a HUGE amount lol

  7. so… baths of bicarb with magnesium salts with tons of lemon and organe
    freshly squeezzed if ther is an emergency 😉

  8. *orange

  9. I used essential oils for the first time yesterday. They are amazing

  10. Welcome to the club 🙂

  11. is magnesium sulfate the same thing as epsom salts?

  12. what did you make/do and yes

  13. I have wanted to “give up” so many times, but G-d will not let me out that

  14. been there myself wanda, but dragged myself back… not going to let these
    bastards win

  15. I had a friend perform the raindrop technique on my back using wintergreen,
    peppermint, lemon and I can’t remember the last one. High quality ones

  16. I hear ya Paul, if I could deal with half of my pain I’d be a happy camper,
    I’d go back to work

  17. cool

  18. just me here… been mixing up laods of potions… my kids call my place
    hogwarts now hehe

  19. doing all sorts with onions, garlic and lemons as well

  20. My Dad lived 6yrs LONGER than his oncologist prognosed, because he didn’t
    touch chemo! He would still be alive today, had his IDIOTIC oncologist NOT
    forgotten to cancel his highest dose of Morphine!!

  21. I refer to drs now as nazis in white clown suits, and they seem to be my
    ONLY fear now, nothing else scares me as bad

  22. that book clive recommended is amazing

  23. i agree wanda

  24. worry = alchemy = ailments to body, once u past that freshold, hard to get
    bak, not impos

  25. hope it gets better for you wanda

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