1. I inherited tendency to diabetes, I find that taking ginger symptoms don’t
    materialise, it appears to work well with unsweetened tea to control the
    body’s response to or use of glucose, elsewhere I see ginger rated as a
    full spectrum agent against major disease and even aging itself. The scent
    of the ginger container is also an “aromatherapy” benefit. Don’t forget to
    look at how lemons can be used to eliminate calcium from arteries! Google
    “Living To Enjoy My Silver.”

  2. The newest sweetener to the US market, monk’s fruit, bears taking a look at.

  3. Lots of thanks.Dr.

  4. Health benefits of Ginger please don’t ignore this

  5. I thank you so much Dr. Akilah. I am aware of the miracles of ginger but
    often forget to use it. I will try that tea it looks delicious.

  6. Bathminesh Iayyappan

    i thank you so much

  7. ginger – another God-given miracle

  8. I love how the Medical Community and big Pharma always use the word
    “TREATMENT” !!! Do doctors “CURE” or do they just TREAT? Where are the
    doctors and commercials and products that CURE??? Hmmmm? If you want to
    stop an oil leak just put a gumball on it, it will “TREAT” the leak, but
    you will have to buy a million gumballs!! Can someone say the word CURE?

  9. deep house….sickkkk

  10. most of the products manufactured by pharma companies are just “preventive”
    and not a cure. it’s big business !!

  11. Yes it’s wonderful drunk!!! I used ginger 20 years!!! I have no sugar and
    no blood pressure!!! Pls do not boiling ginger because antioxidant
    vapour!!!! Pls eatting fresh..

  12. What is blood pressure? U know that? What is the reason blood pleasure?
    Control blood pressure the main contains is antioxidant, antioxidant is
    very low in blood thats call blood pressure!! How can control? Yes it’s
    simple way, ur blood 90 % antioxidants it’s ok no blood pressure!! Fresh
    ginger 99% including antioxidant!!!!only ginger, remember!!! do not
    boiling!!!! Because antioxidant vapour….

  13. is ginger alkaline?

  14. I put about 1 1/2 tspns in about a 1/4 glass of almond milk (daily) and it
    has worked wonders.

  15. hmmm sounds good. let boil now some ginger ..

  16. I juice my ginger, raw ginger juice is wonderful. I never tried eating it
    raw but if you do, make sure to peel it because i don’t think the skin
    tastes good.

  17. Right you are….honey should not be put in boiling water.

  18. lydson henrique san miguel garcia

    Really good videos. Thanks

  19. I may try this. I have been researching and researching supplements and
    herbs, so I do take ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon capsules every day,
    along with many others. It started as a few pills and keeps going up. I
    drink green tea on and off. I need to get back to drinking it daily. I
    tried beet juice but it’s messy. I do take L-arginine for the nitric oxide
    that beetroot also makes. Thanks.

  20. Wonderful video! thankyou for making it xoxo

  21. we grow several varieites ( and species of the zingiber family) of ginger
    every year, and make tea as well as pickle them in salt and vinegar. Why do
    you say boiling do not keep antioxidant properties if you dont mind
    explaining/ Thank you in advance. Michel and Jude

  22. ThAnk you

  23. 8:13 for the top 10 list.

  24. LOL’s

  25. Gold is actually really healthy for the body and mind as well when
    ingested.. so maybe keep a some gold ;-P

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