The Gym Bag Checklist

THE GYM BAG CHECKLIST For anyone who goes to the gym, and takes weight training even somewhat seriously, there seems to be one staple: the gym bag! While you will have your preferences for colors, styles, and sizes, there are a few things which should be in your bag. In order to help all of the novices in weight training (and a few of you seasoned pros!), here is the Gym Bag Checklist:

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  • If your gym has lockers, bring a lock. It can require a key, be a combination lock, or some other lock. Even if you train at a gym without lockers (like Metroflex), keep one in your bag just in case you have to train somewhere else which does not have a de facto “Code Of Honor” among its members!

  • If possible, have a gym bag which has a separate compartment for your wallet (money clip), keys, cell phone, etc. It happens all the time, but when a guy is in a hurry after lifting – and his keys fall to the bottom of his gym bag – it seems that all of his dirty clothes get thrown over other people’s items in the locker room in his haste. And if you are serious about training, be sure to leave the cell phone in your bag when lifting. Have some courtesy!

  • A spare towel. If you lift at a gym that offers paper towels to wipe up after you are done on a bench or seat, you can use those; but bring a towel just in case. Even if your gym has paper towels, you can use your towel to dry your hands since most commercial gyms forbid the use of chalk (Metroflex Gym members are laughing already). Just remember to wash the towel every once in a while!

  • Powerlifting gear (if you use it). This includes:

– Chalk in a container with a lid – Knee/wrist wraps – Squat suit and/or squat briefs – Bench shirt

– Baby powder to help get into your suits

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