The First Step in Weight Loss: Change Your Mind

Diets are so hard to follow because they often leave us unfulfilled. At first, we are motivated. We want to do it all in just a few days. But, it’s unrealistic to want to lose 25 lbs. in two days when it took months or even years to put on the weight.

It doesn’t take long before we start becoming unfaithful to the diet. Our bodies have been set in their ways and then suddenly we’re changing everything on them. It’s a little hard to keep up with the diet if you don’t put yourself into it right.

Functional Training: Body Center of Mass Change

You might find it funny to say, but the first thing you have to do is let your mind know you have set a goal for yourself to lose weight. You have to literally CHANGE YOUR MIND. That’s part of the key. Then, just follow through.

When you get your mind ready for the journey, it’s easier for you to actually hit your target weight. But, it’s not merely a matter of memorizing motivational quotes or giving yourself daily reminders to stay on the diet. It’s so much more than that. To get your mind ready so that your weight loss program is successful, make it a part of your lifestyle.

Change Daily Habits

In everything you do, make sure you always have your weight loss program in mind. Keeping your energy level high is one of the most important goals you should have. You’d be amazed how easy it is to keep your energy levels high, even with such simple things as sitting.

When you slouch, you are telling your mind that you are in “relax” mode. Your body starts to shut down and that’s not what you are trying to achieve. Kicking back and crossing your ankles actually cuts circulation. These are the types of things you have to keep in mind and stay conscious of throughout the day.

If you plant your feet firmly on the ground and straighten your back, you will actually feel your energy levels rise. It’s because you are keeping your weight program in your forethoughts and confirming those thoughts with your actions. You are no longer sending your mind mixed signals.

When you walk, walk with a purpose and keep your back straight. Don’t slouch or drag your feet. Walking is actually extra exercise that you can get throughout the day, so think of it that way and maximize your efforts.

Change the Way You Dress

When you get up in the morning, dress for the day like you are about ready to take a run or play a game of basketball. Make up your mind that you are ready for exercise no matter what shape or form. So, dress that way.

Wear tennis shoes and gym shorts. You are dressing the part when you wear tee shirts, sweat pants and sweat shirts. Just dressing the part puts your mind in gear. If you work in an office and you have to wear a suit, then obviously you can’t dress for exercise in tennis shoes, sweat pants and a tee shirt. But when you arrive home, change over into exercise clothes. On Saturdays, get up and get dressed like you have a bicycle race to catch. If you dress like you are always ready for exercise, you will start to do more throughout the day and actually get more exercise.

Change the Way You Approach Tasks

Most people dread the hard work or any extra work. CHANGE YOUR MIND. Look forward to doing more and more things throughout the day. At work, carry the boxes. Make several trips just to get more walking out of it.

Park your car further away from work so that you have longer to walk. If you sit at a desk all day long, do sitting crunches while you work. Anything you can do, add exercise to it. Get on top of the chores you’ve been putting off for months. Do whatever you have to do. But the main thing is that you stay active, you get more accomplished and you help yourself lose more weight while the foods you eat and the weight program you are on does the rest.

These are just a few ideas, but they give you a little bit of insight into what you have to do to make sure your mind is completely with you while you fight to lose the weight. It’s not an easy to task. The right things that benefit you most never are. So, get your mind ready so that it will support you while you make things happen. It’s much easier when your mind is on your side!

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