1. <3 Just putting your attention to your 3rd eye, opens it (when it's


    Peace, Love and all other Divine Qualities,

  2. dan you should read The synchronicity key by David Wilcock, awesome book I
    just started reading it yesterday

  3. I really like the photo of you above the LOVE sign. Nice that.

  4. It saddens me that your not a compassionate vegan :(

  5. Dan, great to see you are studying. I think this will help you move
    forward. We really need to attempt to understand the science to help carve
    out a path of truth in this raw food movement.

  6. where can i get omega 3 from vegan source?

  7. Dan you ask the question, “why have their been no vegan societies that have
    thrived”? I can answer that by saying that man’s brain size evolved
    because they learned to travel and hunt meat. Meat is the reason’s man’s
    brain has grown bigger than an acorn. That brain created shelter,
    machines, computers, etc. A vegan diet will deplete the brain in the long

  8. It’s nice to see you laying it down like this. Don’t get me wrong, I like
    your videos, but I like the mood in this video.

  9. what about chia seeds for omega 3s

  10. A super conductor of divine energy. That’s what I’m talkin about.

  11. Dan it would be nice if you typed out the supplements you’re using. I know
    you have links and you’ve brought them up before…but…Hey and BTW the
    enzymes break up scar tissue and once your fascia frees up your organs work
    better….oh the synergy. Thanks Dan 

  12. i’m loving this new strategy your going with. keep gaining that knowledge..
    “you are either succeeding or you are learning. that is the only frame that
    you should be using in life… we have to hold our selves at a higher value
    to survive”.

  13. I love how your videos are so long and chillin’.

  14. Oh hey Chia seeds…another great addition. Dan you really should look into
    the blood brain barrier. What you put on your head doesn’t soak right into
    your brain! Thank goodness too! For pineal try these sounds (cover your

  15. Go meet Tonya Zavasta bro. Have you heard of her?

    Look at pics from Tonya online from 5 years ago compared to now. Tonya is
    the only online person I have seen reverse aging. Lots of people slow the
    aging process but Tonya is reversing it. It’s awesome and I highly
    recommend checking her out.

  16. AYE DAN. word to my brotha bringing all these ideas together. buttttt id
    have to say that dr cassar has been doing what youve described from the
    scribe of the different programs of the RF leaders. earthshiftproducts has
    been providing this since before you even became an educator my friend. i
    think you are ready for the connect the dot series from dr cassar. peaccce

  17. Hi Dan, another Great Video. It shows that you are shifting again. Can see
    you hitting a new level. Screw the people who critise you as they wont have
    the ability to hit the spiritual level you are now at. If you ever come to
    Australia I would love to give you a breathwork session as it would be a
    great honor for me.

  18. Dan you must be a VERY spiritual person because there is an orb moving away
    from your head at 0:32 you can see it against the wall either that or there
    is alot energy manifesting itself in the physical realm

  19. SO much respect for what you say at 23:00

  20. Makes sense. Do u think it wld b ok for IC? My kidneys r not filtering yet.

  21. As always , all my love dan to you. This video really resonated with me as
    I just found out I carry the gene that is a huge factor in developing
    Alzheimer’s. Or as my doctor has said -I’m basically guaranteed to get it.
    And I’ve made it my mission to prevent it. Are you still doing phone
    consults? And if so, how can I buy one. I’d be forever grateful, since all
    I’ve been told is – there is no cure, there is nothing I can do to stop it.
    🙁 I know it’s not true. 

  22. Thank you for being so honest about your journey

  23. Thankyou for shinning your light!! and you are the salt of the earth, you
    bring out the best in us, God Bless You Dan!

  24. Thanks for being real Dan….I agree we need to mineralize our bodies…..I
    have been using Himalayan salt for many years several times a day even my
    dog get her dose ….anyway apparently this salt contains 200 minerals!
    what are your thoughts on this….? I am wary of sea salt especially since

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