The Dangers of Obesity in Seniors

by Marie Salmon
(New York City, USA)

Obesity is a problem for people of all ages from young to old. It can lead to serious medical conditions that can be life threatening.

Seniors are already at a stage in their life in which their bodily functions slow down and their metabolic rate decreases. In turn, they are more likely to become obese and get serious medical problems.

Furthermore, seniors are more likely to fall ill in general. Obesity may further complicate their health problems.

Aging is the main factor determining the health of a senior citizen and with obesity lurking in the fore front, health complications are more likely to occur. In turn, the elderly people are at higher risk of being affected by various diseases.

Regrettably, most people are not even aware that they are medically obese. For this reason, awareness must be created so that positive steps can be adopted to get rid of obesity.

Obesity stands out as a real threat to longevity and healthy life. The dangers of excess body fat are many in adults.

This is because with the advancing of age their body physiology slows down as and their body organs also don’t function as efficiently as in young adults. So seniors should take special care that they do not get obese.

The hearts of overweight seniors have to work harder to pump blood. This results in the enlargement of the heart muscle.

This can lead to serious heart diseases. Hypertension is another health problem that senior adults face. The problem can go unnoticed for a long time and lead to heart disease.

Additionally, obese people are at higher risk of getting high cholesterol. As cholesterol builds up in the arteries the blood flow is obstructed.

This also leads to a higher risk of developing heart problems. If the internal organs stop getting adequate blood supply they cease to function properly.

The presence of excess body fat may result in a hormonal imbalance and lead to cancer. Similarly, some foods such as meat develop carcinogenic substances when they are exposed to excess heat.

For all these reasons, older men are at a risk of developing prostate cancer while older women are more likely to fall victim to endometrial and breast cancer.

In general, seniors who are obese are more likely to develop different kinds of gastrointestinal cancer, such as colorectal cancer.

Even though these are the main ones, there are innumerable other diseases that can result from obesity in seniors. That is why it is best that you always keep yourself in good shape.

Adopt a healthy diet that can suit your comfort level and will work out best for you. Your diet can be planned by a medical expert who knows what ingredients will help you lose weight and stay healthy and fit for a long time.

People who have an active lifestyle and good eating habits are less likely to suffer from such complications. It’s time to take control over the situation as soon as possible as.

Keep in mind that it’s never too late to get rid of the excess body weight by following precise health plans.

Depression is another problem that can be caused by obesity. Obese people are less likely to enjoy recreational activities and even simple ones, such as going to the local store. They are more worried about their looks.

Furthermore, the more depressed you are the more you eat. This makes the problem even more serious. When a person feels depressed, certain hormones cause him to feel low and thus, he ends up indulging in activities like overeating.

This makes him even more obese. In general, senior citizens are more likely to suffer from depression when they live a lonelier life and try to justify their loneliness by uncontrollable eating habit.

The reality is that by losing weight you can fix much of the damages caused by your obesity and reduce the risk factors of various diseases. Just by losing weight you can live a happier life.

The lower weight guarantees ease of movement and brings more self confidence. This will allow you to enjoy life, despite your advanced age. This is beneficial for the physical as well as for the psychological health.

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Updated: December 16, 2013 — 8:39 am

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