The Dangers of Low Carb Dieting

by Babs ‘O’ Reilly
(Miami Beach, Florida, USA)

Low carb diets are all over the news today, but one of the primary concerns most new dieters have are the dangers associated with these kinds of diets. Are they truly safe?

One of the much discussed dangers of low carb dieting is they can deplete your body’s supply of glucose. Your body stores glucose in your muscles and in your liver to help fuel many of the body’s energy related process.

Once you engage in a low carb diet, though, your body burns those glucose stores within the first week or two. That leads to muscle and liver dehydration, which leads to weight loss.

However, when most low carb dieters jump on the scale after that first week and see the numbers going down, they’re excited, and they think they’re already burning fat from the diet. This, of course, is part of the reason the diet is so popular.

In reality, though, your body needs the glucose stores it has just burned, and leaving your body without them is dangerous. It can make you feel tired, and it helps to slow your metabolism, making further weight loss difficult.

Another one of the dangers of low carb dieting is the lack of fiber involved in a low carb diet. Because most low carb diets are based primarily on animal products, there is little fiber going into the body.

All plant products contain small amounts of fiber that help your body to digest food. However, because most low carb dieters focus on things other than plant products, it can lead to an overall lower fiber level in the body.

This lack of fiber can lead to some very dangerous conditions including digestive track cancers and an increased risk of heart disease. Moreover, a continual lack of fiber puts you in a higher risk category for lots of bowel disorders including simple things like constipation.

One of the final dangers of low carb dieting is the sharp rise in the level of protein you will be consuming. Most low carb diets are, of course, based on high levels of protein.

Because many people’s average diets these days already have too much protein, making it go up by eliminating some of the other foods you eat puts you at risk for yet more health problems.

Many low carb dieters are experiencing gout, kidney difficulties, and bone disorders like osteoporosis.

People enjoy low carb dieting for different reasons. You experience great weight loss within the first few weeks of the diet, you get to eat all sorts of animal products that doctors have spent years telling you are bad, including things like steaks and bacon, and you get the opportunity to ignore those foods you never really liked anyway.

Add that to the fact that thousands are losing weight with this magnificent idea, and you have a full blown diet craze on your hands. Each of these “wonderful” aspects to the diet, though, certainly have some down sides that could put your life at risk later.

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Updated: May 7, 2014 — 2:22 pm

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