The Dangers of Childhood Obesity

by Jayne Holden
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

An obesity epidemic is sweeping the world, as obese children are likely to grow up to be obese adults and thus, the health situation worsens!.

The life expectancy of obese children is lowered by three to five years if they don’t lose weight. This is because obesity can cause serious diseases, such as liver diseases in growing children and thus they will be faced with adult diseases in their childhood.

The dangers of childhood obesity are the main subject in health discussions and the main reason for this is the long lasting negative physical and psychological effects that a child has to go through.

It becomes difficult for the obese child to deal with the extra body weight, and not being able to participate in physical activities like their peers may result in the emotional disturbance of the child.

The main thing is to improve the child’s physical appearance so that he can stand up confidently, feel better and make friends with his peers. The moment children start to be accepted in their social circle their self esteem improves. Plus, this will be motivational enough for them to adopt good eating habits and do a lot physical exercises to keep up with their peers.

The extra weight can also lead to physical problems such as poor vision and headaches at a very young age. Obese children may end up suffering acid reflux as their digestive systems don’t work in a normal way due to excess fat in their body.

Thus, the physiology of obese children is greatly affected if obesity is not treated in due time. Helping your child get rid of obesity is the most important job for you, as a parent. Parents are the ones that can introduce positive eating habits to their child.

If childhood obesity is not treated in due time, the consequences that the child faces may be really devastating. According to research children who are obese start suffering from health problems at a very young age. They get diseases that were once associated with aging. Obese children are in a higher risk of developing adult diseases like diabetes and hypertension. These seem to be the biggest problems caused by childhood obesity.

Children who are obese from their childhood are highly likely to end up with cardiovascular diseases. This surely ruins their chances of a better life. For this reason, it is best to try to eliminate obesity from your child’s life at its initial stage so that he/she doesn’t end up growing up with it.

Obese children may also end up with sleep apnea and day time fatigue, as they are not able to sleep soundly during the night because of breathing problems due to obesity.

These children’s breathing is interrupted by the blocked airway passage which results in poor sleep. Obese children have a higher body mass and are at higher risk of developing osteoporosis at a younger age as well.

Cancer is another dreadful consequence of childhood obesity. Obesity is associated with some types of cancer. In turn, long term obesity may lead to the increase of the cancer risk.

Evaluating all the possible physical dangers of obesity is quite difficult because there are additional variables that need to be considered, like the living environment and the genetics of the child. This means that your child might not end up suffering from these diseases, if he/she is obese. However, the chances are higher.

Childhood obesity can really leave a negative impact and inflict long lasting psychological damage because overweight kids are teased and bullied by their peers. This surely increases the risk of depression. Obese children are more likely to become adults with low self esteem as well.

Even though some people think of childhood obesity as a stage in the development of the child it is in fact, a dangerous medical condition. Childhood obesity is damaging to children because it can lead to massive health problems in the future, so it is high time you took action if your child is obese.

Creating awareness of the dangers of childhood obesity will help educate the young people to adopt good eating habits and an active lifestyle. So, by instilling the value of healthy lifestyle and involving your child in fun and active pastimes, you will allow your child to grow up without suffering from obesity.

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Updated: January 19, 2014 — 5:11 am

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