The Dangers Of And Solutions For Obesity

by Jayne Holden
(San Antonio, Texas, USA)

There are various cardiovascular diseases that are related to obesity. It is not absolutely certain that someone who is obese will be affected with one of them, but the probability is quite high.

The most serious of these diseases is heart failure. The heart has to pump out more blood into the vascular system. In order for the system to keep functioning, it is constantly getting under more and more pressure.

For this reason, any further increase in the BMI may actually result in critical cardiac conditions which may even be fatal. With this being the case, the immediate need for a drastic weight loss diet program coupled with an ongoing exercising and fitness regimen is necessary to reduce your risk of cardiac conditions substantially.

What actually happens is that the arteries carrying blood get clogged with layers of fat. This results in the thickening of the arteries.

Once this happens, it becomes difficult for the blood to pass through the constricted inner passage with normal flow and pressure. This results in situations known as high blood pressure.

High blood pressure negatively affects the functioning of the heart muscle and can lead to a heart attack. Situations like this can be controlled by controlling the blood pressure, but the first red flag, weight gain, has already played its crucial role.

If immediate actions for treatment are not initiated, there are further health complications that are lined to show up one after another. A fully clogged artery would need an immediate by-pass surgery, as it is medically referred to.

Either an artificial artery is inserted into the system, or a part of another artery, sufficiently clear from fatty deposits, is surgically removed from another part of the body and used to replace the affected artery.

This increases the person’s life expectancy considerably, but again there has to be immediate follow up action initiated to prevent recurrence of the problem. Return to active life including a daily exercising regimen would now be a compulsory part of the recovery process.

The more the exercise, the more calories will be burned. This will result in a healthy balance between proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Over the years, doctors have been vigorously campaigning for the adoption of healthy diet. They recommend for green leafy vegetables and a bowl of sprouted seeds to be the principal food items for lunch or dinner, but not even 2% of the population of the country ever follows this advice.

Green vegetables give the body all the nutrients and detoxifying agents that are required for nurturing the body and purifying the blood. This helps prevent and control obesity to a significant extent.

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Updated: November 1, 2012 — 7:36 pm

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