1. Do you think the home depot garbage can will increase gains?

  2. in order for there to be change we need to destroy the Chang



  5. I just hope POG don’t lose their integrity

  6. Omar sue him. You and the other youtube guys who he uses their names should
    all go into a lawsuit together to get a settlement. If you used Kim
    Kardashian and said this is the workout she does that you taught her etc
    like the sneaky shit Mike Chang she would sue you. You gotta take this
    fucker down

  7. Good stuff, brother!

  8. obviously omar here is trying to subliminally sell us garbage cans from
    home depot 

  9. Yeah fuck mike chang. 

  10. Bro a Candito collab would be the most epic shit on the internetz

  11. Real homie. I appreciate this!

  12. You should sue Mike Chang and take his money that he is making on scamming
    people on Youtube.

    Chang is the most laughable yet some how the most popular fitness channel.
    At first I thought people were watching him to laugh at him.

    Fuck Mike Chang and his towel workouts

  13. FightTips with Shane Fazen

    Admirable and hilarious

  14. Holy shit you’re about to hit 150k

  15. Interesting. I wonder if Ogus gets paid by Chipotle….

  16. for giving shoutout to jonnie candito, u earned yourself a subscriber.
    three best fitness channels gotta be canditotraininghq, omar isuf, and
    brandon campbell

  17. Mike Chang is a pretentious, opportunistic douche. Also, he has no upper
    chest development. :D

  18. p.o.g. tmw. nick wright. scooby……… hahaha

  19. next stop, comment mike chang and tell him to fuarkk off

  20. this guy is too cool

  21. Bout to start blowin up that dudes page. Down with Chang! 

  22. Great video Omar, it was insightful.

  23. CamboFitnessChannel

    I follow both you and Johnny, two of my favorite for power lifting and
    functional muscle training. I was gonna compliment you about your delivery
    and presence and that you are a great speaker and tell you you show host
    seminars but then you stumbled your words like 4 times midway the video.
    LOL Awesome nevertheless. 

  24. so honest vid bro pls get more tech
    to help us undertand more


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