The Biggest Loser: Rachel Frederickson’s Weight Loss Drop Stirs Up Controversy

Rachel Frederickson’s drop from 260 lbs. to just 105 lbs. is stirring up controversy.

weight loss

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Updated: February 9, 2014 — 8:32 am


  1. its not how much it she lost its how fast she lost it 

  2. she looks amazing.stop jealous

  3. She weighs less than me! Im 13!

  4. Her BMI is 18, only 0.5 below the Underweight/Healthy line.

  5. She looks GREAT! People are just fkn jealous. When you’re doing good,
    people will always try to pull you down. lol

  6. One word: Jealousy

  7. She should gain more fat and muscles now (which can be done in a week) and
    shoot for a magazine or something. This can stop panic among the people and
    no one can criticise her any longer. Best luck in the future Rachel

  8. Quit complaining you fat bitches. She is still considered fat in Asia.

  9. Shut the F up!! Complaining there’s too many fat people in the world and
    now she gets slammed for losing her fat??? 

  10. So gross looking 100% anorexic.

  11. She lost a lot of weight at a rapid rate and that’s not safe for your
    heart. She doesn’t look like she’s 24 years old anymore. She looks like
    she’s lost a lot of healthy fat and muscle tissue. 

  12. Rapid weight loss can’t be too healthy. However not sure if people are
    purely concerned or also jellz…

  13. Incredible !!!
    I should loose weight too !
    I wanna be like her 

  14. OMG ppl are going fucking crazy with this, her BMI is 18 and healthy range
    is 18-25 so she’s fine

  15. That is no good.

  16. Forget bmi. all of the other contestants had muscle. she had muscle in the
    episode before. she looked healthy. now she looks like she has nothing. no
    muscle no fat. it looks like she starved herself in between and certainly
    looks UNhealthy. too far.

  17. Be quiet fit shamers.

  18. She’s hot. Fat bitches are getting pissed because she’s hot, dudes with
    fat GFs are getting pissed because their GF is fat, and Jennifer is hotter
    than them.

    Nothing pisses off fat people like a hot girl. Fat guys can’t get them,
    and fat girls want to be them. In a country full of fat people a lot of
    fat butts get hurt this way. Done.

  19. People are over reacting. Actors loose weight to dangerously low to look
    like cancer patients, and no one ever get outraged over it. As they have
    said, this is a game for big cash prize. Once the game is over, I expect
    the contestants go back to more normal diets. As far as people outraged
    about the show sending a dangerous message. Let’s be honest and look at the
    reality. Do the current Americans need to worry more about the risk of over
    eating or under eating? I say let’s worry about people under eating in as
    fat America when it gets even close to be a mainstream problem.

  20. I have one question where is the excess skin, she has a shape some what
    better than famous actresses. Did she go under the knife secretly or

  21. I can’t believe she’s 24. She looks 50 now. She went too far with her rapid
    weight loss. I hope she lives and gets better, because she looks unhealthy

  22. ha-ha-ha, What a bunch of FAT haters! They can only wish they could do the

  23. Religion sucks ass. 0 critical thinking, don’t even come telling me you
    know something I don’t you dumbass, you believe anything you’re told!

  24. omg people judged her for being too big now people are judging her for
    being to small, the poor thing cant win and must feel terrible about the
    constant criticism she’s faced from society, can everyone just let her be

  25. Focus dont eat top much before go to bed and wacth up ur diet.

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