The Best Insurance Plans that Offer Mental Health Coverage

Mental health is one part of insurance that has been neglected for many years. Now the government has passed a law that requires all states to offer some type of mental health coverage in all of their health insurance plans. There are several top insurance companies that offer mental health and behavioral services to members based on the type of coverage they have. Some plans require co- payments or deductibles, and referrals for mental health benefits.

Behavioral health services can be utilized on an inpatient or outpatient basis depending on the condition and the type of plan the member has. The top insurance companies that offer mental health coverage are: Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Kaiser and United Healthcare. These insurances offer referrals and some allow the member to go directly to the behavioral specialist without a referral. These services include case management, disease management, programs, resources, clinical social workers, counselors, nurse practitioners, and chemical dependency counselors. Members are also aloud to go outside of their plan network to utilize doctors they may have been seeing prior to this insurance.

Aetna offers different levels of the managed choice open access plans. Some require co pays and deductibles and some do not. Cigna offers behavioral health services through a program that is affiliated with the Humana group. The plans consist of portrait, autograph and MG plans. Each plan is geared toward different lifestyles and health concerns. Kaiser Offers plan according to what state you live in and the coverage is usually welcomed at all Kaiser locations. Kaiser has behavioral health facilities in many of its’ clinics around the country. United healthcare also offers several plans for individuals and family and it has a separate behavioral health department that deals with mental health issues.

The best way to determine what plan is good for you is to look at the websites and call the insurance companies to get specific information. Most of these plans differ according to what state you live in. Not all plans have every benefit. If mental health is a big part of your life and you need coverage that will be well rounded and not expensive please do the research on each of these insurance companies and find the right plan according to your income and lifestyle.

The best place to start if you already have insurance is to see what type of metal health services your insurance offers then you can start your journey on the right path.

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