The Benefits of Circuit Training

Circuit training is a form of exercise that involves combining endurance training and strength training together. It is performed by doing a group of exercises in succession, then moving on to the next set of exercises, with little to no rest period; a circuit or group of exercises can contain anywhere from six to 10 exercises lumped together. The level of intensity of a circuit workout usually varies depending on the fitness level of the exerciser. This method of exercise can offer significant benefits to any fitness program.

Great Introductory Exercise Program for Beginners

Circuit training can be an ideal way to introduce exercise to those with little to no experience with working out. Newbie exercisers may find performing a group of moderately intense exercises in a series far less intimidating than going all out with a full-blown weight training program. Moreover, circuit training can help orient novice exercisers to a fitness lifestyle and help them develop better body conditioning, thus preparing them for a more advanced fitness regimen in the future.

An Addition to Any Fitness Arsenal

Depending on ones fitness goals, circuit training can add an extra punch of intensity to an exercise program; it can be a welcome addition to an already established exercise routine and help add a new angle by switching things up a little. Mixing different exercises together encourages the use of different muscle groups, helps sculpt muscle, and can increase strength and endurance levels.

For those aiming for weight loss, circuit training can be beneficial for providing a calorie burn. According to Harvard Medical School, 30 minutes of circuit training can burn anywhere from 240 to 355 calories.

Convenient and Time-Saving

On those days when minutes are precious few, getting in a good workout need not be an issue. Since circuit training helps engage different muscles, achieving a more efficient workout in a shorter span of time is possible. Circuit training can be done with very little exercise equipment, making it ideal to do almost anywhere; a set of resistance bands or a couple of dumbbells may be all that is needed. Furthermore, for circuit training workouts consisting primarily of body weight exercises, the only exercise tool required is the body itself. Those who train with intensity may require little more than 10 to 20 minutes to complete an effective circuit training session.

A Break from Exercise Doldrums

Circuit training can be an effective way to help prevent exercise programs from becoming stagnant. Performing a set of exercises and then rapidly moving on to the next set can help add vigor and freshness to every session. Each session can be varied up by switching the exercises around or by simply adding new ones; this can help keep things interesting, prevent boredom and keep an exercise program from falling by the wayside. The exerciser can also change up the level of intensity as s/he advances. To this end, circuit training is an efficient tool for keeping exercise doldrums away.

Although circuit training may not share the popularity of other forms of exercise, it is still worth considering. The benefits it offers make it suitable for exercisers from all walks of life. Incorporating this method of training might be just the thing to end a fitness plateau and breathe new life into a lagging exercise program.


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Disclaimer: Always speak with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

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