The Atkins Diet

by Dave Williams
(Cardiff, Wales, UK)

As the low carb diet craze continues, one of the most popular low carb diets on the market today is the Atkins diet. The Atkins diet seems to be the low carb diet that started the entire low carb diet revolution.

Developed by cardiologist Robert Atkins in the nineteen seventies, the diet was initially ridiculed. However, as scientific studies were completed, and more dieters turned to the Atkins system with fantastic results, people began to realize the brilliance involved with the Atkins diet.

His underlying principal is that if your body consumes too many carbohydrates, it is unable to deal with the overflow, and turns those calories to fat much quicker than it should.

The basic Atkins system is divided into four different parts. All of them force you to only eat foods that are both rich in nutrients and unprocessed.

Sugar is also eliminated from the diet. On the whole, it seems to work better for those who prefer animal proteins, so vegetarians should probably stay away from this one.

Phase one is induction, and this is probably the most difficult of all the part of the diet. During the induction phase, you can eat no more than twenty grams of carbs each day, and those that you do eat should only be from vegetables that are not starch heavy choices.

You do get to increase the carbs that you eat during phase two, but only through the eating of foods rich in fiber. For the first week, you stick with twenty grams each day.

The second week you get to increase to thirty. The next week, though, you drop back down to twenty-five. This phase is about continual weight loss until you reach your goals.

Phase three is getting you ready to finish the diet. You increase your daily intake by ten grams each week of phase three. Phase four is to keep you at a healthy weight throughout the course of your life.

The only limits in this phase are the ones you place on yourself, but should you start to notice serious weight gain, it’s important to head back into an earlier phase of the program as soon as possible.

People have fairly mixed reviews of the Atkins diet. Those who have tried it with success suggest that the steady weight loss that will be experienced is one of the best parts.

Moreover, because it reduces your hunger and keeps you from feeling hungry all the time, it’s better than most other diets. It also accounts for your life after the diet, which many other programs do not.

Those who are against the diet, though, suggest that it is a factor in serious diseases like osteoporosis, heard disease, and cancer. It is also high in cholesterol, which can be a real problem for most, and it doesn’t always get you the amount of vitamins you need each day.

All in all, Atkins is easy to follow, and thousands have lost weight using the system. Only you can decided if it is right for you.

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Updated: November 2, 2013 — 1:35 am

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