1. i think its all the french fries and massive amounts of bread and pasta
    that are driving america’s type 2 diabetes epidemic, not meat. Tim bases
    his diet on work done by gary taubes(good calories, bad calories) which
    cites medical studies and biological reactions observed in the body. You
    base your diet on what works for you. which is great for you, but not very
    valuable for me. a picture of your abs do not make a case for a good diet,

  2. Ok cool, I was thinking about starting vegan in the new year after watching
    a lot of your videos but was concerned that without cycling and running
    often like yourself, the sugar would be excess and make me a fatty! Cheers

  3. I got confused when you said blueberries. xD

  4. Diabetes is caused by an overactive reaction to greatly increase insulin by
    the pancreas in response to sugar not responding to the present insulin
    because of FAT that has permeated the bloodstream. It is an excess of fat
    (go below 10% cal. fat intake to remove it) from any food whatsoever, be it
    meat (~50%) or fried starches or pastas. Check the labels. Keep yourself
    from being duped thinking sweet or fried things are all carbs or protein.
    Fat is overwhelming in the average diet.

  5. innerbeautymovement

    You look like the devil

  6. Did you even read his book man or are you just having a bit of a go as a
    laugh? The ice-bath example as a critique was terrible! That was one
    particular experiment, not something Tim does regularly. He doesn’t need to
    do the crazy stuff he does to maintain his body, he chooses to in order to
    test ideas (backed up with science). The diets that Tim suggests are far
    more achievable (and acceptable) for most people than a vegan diet so he’s
    able to influence more people improving more people’s lives

  7. You are an asshole, the guy never, not once talks about atkins and second
    fruit does contain fructose which can give you a high glucose level and
    that’s what Tim is telling us to avoid, get your facts right and your head
    out of your ass

  8. There are thin and healthy meat eaters and or non-vegan vegetarians and
    well built vegans as well! It’s not all about getting “skinny.” However,
    whether it’s thin and well-defined, thin, or muscular, extra-fat isn’t
    “healthy.” To be fair, Feriss is a lot more scientifically and
    technologically inclined than this youtuber. He truly isn’t qualified to
    properly critique Ferris’ claims and over-oversimplifies everything! Fruit
    gives people with insulin resistance issues problems, but not everyone.

  9. One guy being lean eating a certain diet does not mean it magically applies
    to everyone!!!

  10. A study also revealed that Uganda is on average the happiest country in the
    world I also have 2 questions for you if you wouldn’t mind me asking how
    much do you spend on food per week (and do you have any vegetables) and
    have you heard of Mike Dolce he may be the only meat eater you will agree
    with (he thinks being vegan is great though) he’s another health freak who
    is always super energetic and healthy looking dispatching advice on mass to
    people on the internet

  11. Did you say chick peas?

  12. I’ve seen some videos on youtube stating it’s the acidity of the meats and
    they make a strong case for it

  13. who ever says fruit makes you fat? real. never heard someone actually
    saying it honestly

  14. he’s that skinny because he’s an endurance athlete (running/cycling). have
    you seen lance armstrong? sure he took drugs, but he was an endurance
    cyclist and was probably more skinny that harley. sure, harley’s approach
    is abrasive, but let’s face it: he’s still making sense. common sense =
    fruits and veggies are good for you. if you don’t like his abrasive
    approach, why not suggest some constructive criticism on how he can
    improve? he’s in it for the cause and that’s what matters

  15. I told you allready, Atkins wasn’t fat when he died. Hope you inform more
    for next video.

  16. supplements that are legal are basically bullshit

  17. They don’t thrive, they struggle with cancer and liver disease as

  18. 30 bananas a day = a very short life.

  19. DR is the real deal. Follow what he says and you won’t need a Dr.

  20. sorry but Harley brings up very good points. The higher percentage your
    calories are in fruits, veggies, and unrefined carbs, the leaner you will
    be. I lost 51 lbs (250 to 199) by doing just that. I am not fully vegan,
    but most of the time I am.

  21. Let me guess, meat and dairy gives you a long life? what a joke terpy

  22. All you vegetarians think that eating fat will kill you but the oldest
    person to ever live (jeanne calment) ate meat and she poured olive oil on
    all of her food. Eat fats if you want to live longer.

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    easy way for you to burn up fat fast.

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