test procedures at health department?

I'm getting checked for everything at the local health department(hiv, ect), can anyone tell me what all will go down? I know blood tests but is that all; what other procedures will they do?

Kasey, they will probably perform blood, urine, and blood pressure tests, along with noting your weight and height.They will ask you questions about your health, that of your family (to identify possible inherited diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc) and perform a general examination. This would not be invasive, and will include listening to your heart, lungs, bowel sounds, reflexes, etc.

Because you are being tested for HIV, there is the *slight* possibility they will perform a pelvic exam, but this is generally done by your family doctor or gynecologist. Blood and urine testing will include a drug test, cholesterol test, thyroid, hemoglobin, vitamin deficiencies, and the like. If — by chance — you are a drug user, any evidence of drug use *will not* be made available to the local police, as all medical personnel are bound by confidentiality laws. This exam is nothing to worry about, so you can relax.

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