Teen Bodybuilding & Recommended Workouts

Teen bodybuilding is growing in popularity over the years and this is a good sign. There are many benefits of teen bodybuilding. It can keep teen occupied and help them to develop good habits and discipline. Apart from looking good in front of ladies and becoming fit and healthy, they also develop good self-esteem and self-confidence.

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A good age to start bodybuilding workout program is around the age of 16. As teenagers are not fully-grown yet, there are some restrictions. Teenagers below the age of 13 should not start weight lifting or undertake a heavy body building regiment. Squats and dead lifts should never be performed either before the teenager is 16.

Teenagers should start slow and do not push their body beyond its limits, otherwise they may seriously strain their muscles and injure themselves. The emphasis should be on a well-balance workout with an all-round physical enhancement. As with adults, good diet and rest are also important to teen body builders. Eat lots of protein and vegetables as well as grains and carbohydrates. During workouts, they have to ensure that they are well hydrated by drinking lots of water. Some of the adult exercises are not suitable for teenagers. However, there are certain exercises that teens can perform without harming themselves.

• Dumbbell Curls – These will work your biceps as you lift the dumbbell from your knee up to your shoulder in a slow, smooth motion. Alternate arms between sets and remember to breathe. Concentrate on the lift and working the muscles.

• Dumbbell Hammer Curls – Hold the dumbbells like you would a hammer. Alternate arms lifting from your side to your shoulder, again, in a slow, easy motion.

• Flat Bench Press – Lay flat on a weight bench with the barbell above you. Hold in a wide grip and slowly lower the barbell down to your chest and up again. Pay special attention to the way your muscles are responding to the weight.

• Dumbbell Flyes – Hold the dumbbells like you are doing hammer curls. Keep your arms straight up with your elbows slightly bent. In a semi-circular motion, lower the dumbbells slowly down to the sides of your chest. This will work your inner pectoral muscles.

• Dumbbell Shrugs – Hold a dumbbell in each hand lowered to your side with your palms facing your hips. Raise your toes up and then shrug your shoulder to work your trapezius muscles.

• Shoulder Press – While seated, hold a dumbbell in each hand. Sit straight and press them up. Resist when you are lowering them down. This works the deltoid muscles.

These are just a few exercises you can do, obviously. You may want to consult with your P.E. instructor at school or ask someone at a local gym to help you with other exercises that you can safely perform so that you can accomplish your goals.

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