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    How fit are you in English? Watch the lesson to find out more.

  2. Thanks for lesson !!! sorry for piece of rudeness but stop okaying, Ok? 

  3. Great video, Niharika. Please keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks for fitness lesson….you look fit and fine like your lesson

  5. Thank u dear Nihara u r amazing teacher i v ever seen her ! I like ur
    lessons they help me plz keep on , my all regards for u

  6. Keep it up. I watch your video every day. Keep going niharika

  7. very nice your teaching

  8. Hi Niharika ,,,, Great video , ,, but request u to please do some lessons
    on tenses as well because tenses are also an important part of English
    speaking…. and Over all thanks for this lessons 

  9. I have request for you .
    please provided us some class how to use Modal auxiliary Verb
    ….should,would,could etc .
    please i love your class….
    please do for us ……
    i need only your class.

  10. lakshmanan komathmanalath

    great. thank you.

  11. I think it should be “dumbbells” with double b’s not “dumbells”. Otherwise,
    good lesson as always.

  12. your good english speaker. i like you teaching stile…”””’

  13. Kicboxing allows punches and kicks on legs, waist, head… Thayboxing
    includes hits with knees and elbows too. I work out thayboxing, and it is
    really rough. A lot of movements from boxing to avoid punchs are useless,
    as you can bump into a knee-hit on your mouth….

  14. Motoqueiro Clandestino

    Now you have a student from Brazil

  15. You are the best! Love your teaching and this lesson too

  16. i’m a fan of u&ur lessons.m eagarly waiting fr ur next lessons.plz explain
    what is the gerund,wht is the infinitive.finally u r beautiful and looks

  17. What’s the difference between fast and quick?

    buy our car in the end. By the time they *__* us we had sold it. а)contact
    b)had contacted c)were contacting d) contacted I think d)contacted Am I
    right?Please who speaks English well answer!

  19. You teach very well….. 

  20. nice teaching thanks :))

  21. Abdulrahman Alonazi

    Really useful and worth watching, ,, keep recording and publishing great
    lessons as this one

  22. very useful, thank you

  23. Many thanks for your healthy lesson. .


  24. amazing , can you made a video about interview for jobs

  25. nice vido &very helpfull

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