1. Not available on ipad or iphone ?

  2. love it..looks soo fun

  3. i was really hoping you would do a dance to this cuz i like that you arent
    afraid to get the sexy moves in! haha amazing as usual!

  4. I love this one, and I love watching how much fun your class has with you,
    you’re a great teacher, I exercise with your videos all the time, thanks.
    You look beautiful in pink, Cheryl

  5. i’m in love with song now

  6. Lawl! The guy moves his hips better than I can! Kudos for him 😀

  7. You are just amazing Lauren! I started dancing because of your videos, and
    I love it. You are seriously very inspiring, keep up the good work! –
    greetings from Norway

  8. Girl you can moveeee!!!! Love your videos!!!! <3

  9. so cool and sexy people here…

  10. It is a sin that you have a day job and can’t do this full time like me.
    You are an inspiration. BOOYAH!!!

  11. everybody who dislikes this is nuts! Respect

  12. the woman in the back in the green shes givin it all shes got! :D

  13. think she studied belly dancing 

  14. The top 3 are right in the front. This class looks like so much fun. Love
    your videos Lauren…but the guy in the middle…kills it every time. You
    better work boy!!! :-)

  15. My favorite choreo to this song so far! Thanks for sharing! You always
    BRING it! :)

  16. Go Travis!!!!!! Shake those things!

  17. Nigga ! 

  18. Awesome!!!!

  19. The woman in green on the right side KILLED it! Awesome hihi (Y)

  20. I love the black guy in the middle. He cracked me up!!!

  21. Black dude was epic lol

  22. ur too old to dance !!

  23. awesome dancing! keep it up <3

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