Take Control of Your Drinking Habits

It’s so easy to live life as if there were no tomorrow. But then, your irresponsible ways can take their toll on you. It gets even harder as you get older. Your body no longer can take so much of it and getting over a hangover from a party sometimes takes days. Not to mention your weight!

You can gain easily even if you just stray from your diet a bit. This time, you should remove the word diet from your vocabulary. These won’t work, and when you get older, you should actually think about a change in lifestyle.

Back then, you were a habitual yo-yo dieter. Repeatedly losing and regaining the same five pounds affects your body’s metabolic rate and calorie-burning power. You may lose a lot at first, but eventually, it gets harder and harder even when you’ve become stricter with what you put in your mouth.

This type of diet decreases your body’s long-term immune function. Although experts aren’t really sure why, losing and regaining weight reduces the activity of cells that fight colds and infection, as well as kill cancer cells. Luckily, you can always bounce back from it. Remain fit for good this time by considering a change in lifestyle. Commit and have the willpower to stay right on track.

Moreover, your tequila-shot days likely led not only to some pretty stupid moves, but in all probability, also screwed up your health big time. Binge drinking, defined as drowning five or more drinks at one time consuming enough alcohol to reach insane levels, increases your risk to becoming addicted to it.

Drinking sprees also affect your memory, since large amounts of alcohol kill brain neurons. Aside from that, it does big damage to your liver. The first stage to liver damage is the fatty liver stage where some fat deposits may occur in your liver because of the booze.

Further alcohol abuse leads to the hepatitis stage where your liver is enlarged and you may develop severe jaundice. The third stage would be cirrhosis, where you could be at risk for liver cancer and might require a transplant.

Since women are twice as likely to develop alcoholic diseases as men, those all-night, drowning-drinks-with-the-gals sessions would have probably harmed you a lot more than you thought. As long as you quit your binge escapades while you were in the first two stages, you’ll probably be okay.

Of course, that shouldn’t mean that you make it reach that point. It’s not only expensive, but a lot of hassle for you as well. Even if you’re a moderate drinker, your liver has probably repaired itself since those wild days.

And, though those lost brain cells are forever gone, studies of recovering alcoholics suggest that when you put an end to those bouts of drinking, you can regain memory function even without the missing cells.

Just remember to drink a lot less, especially when you’re no longer considered young. Life would be so much better for you, and you’ll see just how better you can be when it comes to being active.

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Updated: March 28, 2013 — 10:55 pm

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