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Year-Round Conditioning for Football

This is the first in a series of installments that describes a complete training program to prepare today’s youth for the rigors of playing football in a competitive environment. This first article sets the stage outlining the over-arching structure under which program details will subsequently be described. The basic training program and philosophy is described […]

Top Fitness Magazines

Fitness has never been a greater topic of concern. With full-length books growing expensive and out of fashion in today’s busy lifestyle, many turn their attention to easier-to-read and more up to date periodicals. Fitness magazines abound with well over 50 on the shelf at a good newsstand at any given time. How does someone […]

Fitness, Bodybuilding and Sports Performance – A New Weightlifting Training Tips Article Series from the Staff at 10BuckFitness.com

Waterford, MI (PRWEB) August 28, 2010 The training staff at 10BuckFitness.com, known for the highly regarded 10Buck Training Methods, has just released the first article in a series of monthly articles for male or female Fitness, Bodybuilding, or Sports athletes. These articles will be published monthly at 10BuckFitness.com, with a great deal of the content […]

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