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How To Increase Your Muscle Mass

1. When weight training, its important to focus on heavy, compound, basic movements that work the larger muscle groups. The largest muscle groups in your body are your leg and back muscles. Therefore, it makes sense to make the bread and butter of your weight training program, exercises that target these muscle groups. The best […]

Diets for Building Muscle

Many muscle builders ask how they can increase muscle mass, volume and how to become stronger and bigger. Athletes need a diet that will promote the gain of muscle mass and strength while training. Add Calories To Add Muscle If the main objective is to increase the size of muscles, bodybuilders need to work with […]

The Building Muscle Process

The building muscle process is relatively simple to understand. With all of the information available on the internet, you’d think it would be easier to find information about just what exactly causes muscles to grow. There are quite a few misconceptions out there and this article will put down a few of those myths and […]

Tips For New Bodybuilders

Many people who begin bodybuilding do not warm-up their muscles properly. Heck, a lot new bodybuilders do not even stretch or warm up at all. You can even find more experienced bodybuilders who do not warm-up or at least do not warm-up properly. If you can bench 180 pounds max as a new bodybuilder and […]

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