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Tips For New Bodybuilders

Many people who begin bodybuilding do not warm-up their muscles properly. Heck, a lot new bodybuilders do not even stretch or warm up at all. You can even find more experienced bodybuilders who do not warm-up or at least do not warm-up properly. If you can bench 180 pounds max as a new bodybuilder and […]

Health: Yesterday I ate nearly my own weight in food so.. Why am I still hungry?; Strangely enough, it’s precisely BECAUSE you overdid it so much. But the struggles of our primitive ancestors also hold vital clues to the great Boxing Day starvation mystery.

IT’S so bizarre. Yesterday, you probably ate your biggest meal of the year. And that’s not including the chocolates off the tree, Quality Street, mince pies and the turkey sandwiches you polished off with half a bottle of Baileys. Now you’ve woken up with a rumbling belly because you’re feeling, well, positively hungry. But how […]

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