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Weight loss diets that work.

If you’ve put on a few pounds this winter and you’re thinking about dieting, here’s some guidance from two important health authorities. The Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine,n.pr a nonprofit organization founded in 1985; promotes preventive medicine, conducts clinical research, encourages effectiveness and ethics in research efforts, and advocates to […]

National Heart Foundation of Australia position statement on dietary fat and overweight/obesity.

Key words: dietary fat, overweight, obesity, energy balance, energy density The National Heart Foundation of Australia’s (NHFA NHFA National Home Furnishings AssociationNHFA National Hispanic Foundation for the ArtsNHFA New Hampshire Flying Association ) review of the relationship between dietary fat and cardiovascular disease Cardiovascular diseaseDisease that affects the heart and blood vessels.Mentioned in: Lipoproteins Test […]

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