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Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

Exercise and diet control are the best ways to achieve any weight loss goal. Some exercises are specifically designed to help with weight loss, while others will aid teens in getting leaner, more toned muscles. Choosing exercises tailored to a specific weight and fitness goal is important to maintaining an exercise regimen. What are Good […]

HTG Impresses the Importance of Preventative Care Among Those with Hemorrhoids

Portland, OR (PRWEB) January 06, 2014 Hemorrhoid Treatment Group, or HTG, impressed upon readers the vast importance of engaging in preventative care to avoid future outbreaks of hemorrhoids. This urging came on the heels of The Oregonian’s December 13th article, “More Elderly, Disable Oregonians Rely on Food Stamps Despite Recovering Economy.” The article discussed Oregon […]

Losing 40 Pounds in 10 Months

I found there are 3 ‘secrets’ to weight loss: getting motivated, creating exercise habits, and counting calories. Getting Motivated To begin, you need some motivation for your weight loss project. Motivation will move mountains! Some people find themselves in the unfortunate situation of getting externally motivated. Such was the case of my best friend, who […]

How to Quit Smoking with Exercise

They base their recommendation on findings suggesting that exercise reduces cigarette cravings and makes smoking less desirable, because smoking and exercise give the same high effects – they stimulate and excite the brain. As such, they cannot co-exist. It’s either smoking will send exercise packing or exercise will send smoking packing. When we talk about […]

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