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Can Michigan Reduce Obesity, Become Fit and Healthy by Being Coached by a Man Who has Exercised for 1772 Days in a Row? Source: Don Staley Brain Cell Coach, LLC (800) 913-8517

Rochester Hills, MI (PRWEB) September 20, 2011 Last week, Governor Rick Snyder told Michiganders and the Michigan Legislature, “To build a stronger Michigan, we must build a healthier Michigan.” With a 31.7% rate of adult obesity and 12.4% rate of youth obesity as part of the major public health problems, Michigan is now #8 in […]

Balance exercises in arthritis need to be targeted to the individual.

The recent paper by Chaipinyo and Karoonsupcharoen (2009) raises some issues that warrant further discussion and research. Some of these are methodological issues, and some relate to the underlying constructs being addressed by the interventions, and how these were assessed. From a methodological perspective, a randomised Adj. 1. randomised – set up or distributed in […]

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