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Is treading water good exercise?

Treading water is an excellent form of exercise. It works the upper and lower body. While treading, you can burn 800 calories or more–depending on your weight and how vigorously you tread–in an hour. Source: Hobby: Treading Water – Why Swimming Makes for a Great Workout Nutristrategy: Calories Burned During Exercise Fitness Magazine: Slim Down […]

New Fitness Gadgets

Gadgets can make fitness more fun. They can also make it easier. Many gadgets designed within the past year are great for tracking information and getting a better workout. Here’s a list of some of the top new fitness gadgets. Motivational Tracking There are many new gadgets designed to help maximize your workout. Whether they […]

Running as a Weight Loss Program

Lose Weight Via Exercise To lose weight one must burning more calories through activity than one consumes. That means either exercise more, eat less, or do a combination of both. Running and walking are both good exercises that can help control weight and improve cardiovascular fitness. Calories Burned Running Ralph LaForge of the Duke University […]

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