1. Finally uploaded a much needed fitness update!! #TheGabeFix

  2. Great job!!! Also with a program like T25 people also do things like cut
    their sugar intake and eat 98% of their meals at home. Again, good job and
    God bless:)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your results!!
    A 30 minute work out is SO appealing!!
    May have to purchase. I have been doing Taebo basic workouts (from the get
    riupped series) and the 8 minute workout–(which is 14 minutes total). I
    need to add some variety though. You look great Gabe!

  4. you look great gabe :)

  5. May I ask, what is your goal weight? You say you’ve lost 8lbs (Well Done!)
    and you want to lose 13lbs more, but what is your actual goal weight? Hope
    you reply! x

  6. I’ve noticed as I lose weight I lose a lot of inches before I lose 1 or 2
    lbs, so it always looks like I’ve lost much more weight than I really have;
    I also can never tell that I’ve lost weight, I guess because I look at my
    body everyday…who knows. Great job Gabe, you can definitely see your

  7. Good job Gabe! You look great!

  8. Hey guys, just wanted to share a bit. Shakeology was a great product just
    be sure to drink 8 extra glasses of water to your diet. Shakeology depleted
    my body of the fluids I put in. This could have been an isolated incident
    however I was in the hospital for 8 days trying to prevent kidney failure
    due to this product. With any product make sure you talk with a
    nutritionist before beginning using it. Xoxoxo Gabe thanks for the
    motivation sis… Thank you for sharing so much with us.

  9. Way to go, Gabe! Congratulations on your success!

  10. Thanks so much for sharing….keep up the great work. Just be
    consistent….I can say that I am 58 years old and have exercise on and off
    all my life however now very consistant and eat very clean(vegan) and my
    hubby…We are on no medications and no health problems and he will be 70
    this year. So keep up the great work….It will pay off in the end…..I am
    a runner…..Now question what are you going to do when you become pregnant
    again..you are going to watch what you eat and only gain 30-35 pounds and
    no more. If you do that you will have a lot less to lose…hope I do not
    sound preachy… 

  11. The reason I can talk about pregnancy is because I am a childbirth educator
    and Doula…I always see if my clients that do not gain more than 30 all
    their weight is gone by the time the baby is 6 weeks old.

  12. Good for you!

  13. Thank you for the inspiration and update. Congrats on completing the
    program and your weight/inches loss. Loving that hair. Blessings!

  14. Thank you so much for this video because I was skeptical about T25, but I
    will definitely try it now. What is your facial routine like? You have
    amazing skin and a great complexion. I already have an all natural facial
    routine, but I was wondering if you had any tips or suggestions.

  15. We do T25 in my PE class! 

  16. Congrats you can see the difference just looking at you from your videos.
    You look fab by the way :-)

  17. You can totally see your results!!!! Look great

  18. You’re all muscle girl!

  19. Just wanna say one thing, dont get caught up on the scale. muscle weighs
    more than fat, so yea your losing fat but you also building muscle so you
    may only “loose” a few pounds, but in the end your losing inches which
    really means its working. 

  20. Good job and you can see the results

  21. Great job! Thanks for sharing your journey. Trust that you’re quite the
    motivation. Getting it done with a kid in tow…wowzers. 

  22. Great job Gabe! You look so stunning and amazing!! 

  23. I am so excited coach:)

  24. looking good gabe! you motivate me to start a better lifestyle for myself.
    thanks for the inspiration and clean eating!

  25. Gabe! You should give up sweets for lent! You will see major weightless and
    if you cheat you will feel really bad, just think Jesus gave up his life
    for you, you can give up the sweets! It worked for my friend and I when we
    were trying to lose weight lol 

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