1. The intro is immense!!

  2. Getting his Michael Phelps on.

  3. That pink swimming cap doe. Lmao

  4. Cute baby…i may try some swimming too!!!!

  5. AWESOME Brother Migan!! Baby is so beautiful. You guys are doing a great
    job! I LOVE IT!

  6. You did it man you made that your fukkin intro lol

  7. That intro >>

  8. I thing about doing swimming for fat loss myself just need to get the time
    to do it 

  9. You’ve got a beautiful daughter. :)

  10. migan u know wat bro every video u make my dream come

  11. face looked bloated as fuck i thought u were cutting man 

  12. man you should really not sing lol :D

  13. get a job bum 

  14. I sing u make my dreams come tru too n I dnt evn knw wt song it is lol

  15. Your daughter’s adorable man

  16. Last semester I took a pe swim class and lost all my gainz, 15 pounds
    (unneeded weight) but also lost strength.
    stomach couldn’t keep up with the required calories to maintain weight. So
    weight loss will happen, do it carefully! 

  17. intro never gets old lol

  18. ugly ass nigga for that bitchy intro

    Just make my dreams come true n check out our channel

  20. stop singing u cant sing..so annoying ass fuck!

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