Susan Lucci's Personal Trainer Reveals How the Slim Star Stays in Shape

Susan Lucci first met her personal fitness trainer Christine Fee more than 15 years ago – and the celebrity soap opera star made her enthusiasm for exercise evident from the get-go, according to Christine.

With more than 25 years of experience as a fitness expert, Christine was able to quickly focus on helping Susan achieve her goal of resembling a ballet dance in posture and shape.


How Susan Luci Maintains That Sleek Body

Many women avoid any type of resistance training or weight training, concerned about “bulking up” and becoming over-muscular. I know that I hesitated for years about working out with weights. In reality: women who lift weights are helping their bones stay strong AND encouraging their metabolisms to work effectively.

Susan Lucci is a key example: Christine trained her star client to use light weights with plenty of repetitions. In addition to free weights, she taught Susan to use exercise bands, medicine balls, and other resistance training tools and techniques.

In addition, Susan uses a stability ball and ballet barre. She also relies on Pilates to keep her abdomen and back muscles strong.

How Dancing with the Stars Changed Susan Luci’s Routine

By the time Susan accepted the invitation to “Dance with the Stars,” she had that fabulously slim body fully toned. To help her client achieve her peak condition for the show, Christine incorporated dance moves and cardio. In addition, Susan enjoyed additional protein in her diet, with sweet potatoes and brown rice for carb-powered energy. The star also sipped on fruit smoothies in the afternoons while she was in training for Dancing with the Stars.

Susan Lucci’s Typical Stay-Slim and Energized Diet

Christine advocates moderation when it comes to food choices. Susan eats lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as low-fat protein and a small amount of whole grains. For example, her morning meal might include cereal topped with fresh fruit and low-fat milk, while Susan’s mid-day meal focuses on vegetables and fish or low-fat dairy. In the evening, Susan enjoys more vegetables and low-fat protein.

Never Say Never to Your Favorite Foods

All that healthy eating, however, does not mean that Susan Lucci avoids her favorite treats. According to Christine, Susan occasionally savors such favorites as a low-fat ice cream sandwich or other ice cream novelty. And she’s also been known to indulge in such standards as cheeseburgers and pasta.

Tips From Susan Lucci’s Trainer For You

For those who want to get in shape, Christine recommends combining strength-training with cardio. Both of these fitness forms can be inexpensive, from walking around your neighborhood for cardio to lifting free weights at home in front of the TV.

You can keep your diet changes easy as well just by enjoying more vegetables, fruit and fish, according to Christine. Reduce those high-sugar, high-fat foods. And drink lots of water!

Source: First-person interview with Christine Fee by Joanne Eglash.

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