Surefire Ways To Quit Smoking

A stick of Cigarette contains a lot of chemicals, about 70 different substances that are toxic and harmful for the body, the environment and to the person who may inhale the cigarette smoke. Therefore, quitting smoking is really the best choice in order to stay fit, healthy, happy, and younger looking.

However, there are so many people who can attest that quitting smoking is not an easy process. Many people have tried but only a few have succeeded in totally quitting smoking. Why?

Because in reality, there are a lot of factors to consider in quitting smoking and not all available options are good for every individual. Thus, finding ways to quit smoking may take some time and it needs to be coupled with the right combination of formulas.

Nonetheless, the basic principles that are underlying in quitting smoking are all the same. By following them you will find yourself giving up smoking in due time.

Take a look at those basic steps in stopping smoking and adopt those that suit you best.

1. Prepare.

There are a lot of ways in preparing to quit smoking – like you can list the reasons why you want to quit, know the effects of smoking, targeting a practical and believable date to quit, or conditioning your body to quit. The important thing is you are prepared to quit.

2. Set Your Expectation.

Have realistic expectations with regards to quitting smoking – remember that the process is not easy. Allot enough time to quit and breaking the habit of smoking.

3. Ask Somebody’s Help.

The process of quitting smoking can be extremely difficult and so being with someone that encourages you while you undergo such process will be helpful to boost your morale, confidence and determination to quit. Another idea is to ask a fellow smoker to have the same program in quitting or you can call your parents, children, love ones, friends, best friends, office mates to support you in your battle.

4. Quitting Tactics.

Prepare lots of tricks in quitting smoking. You can have as many plans as you want in order to quit smoking.

For example, you can switch into an awful tasting brand of cigarette, cut your cigarette consumption, or immediately drop smoking. Different tactics work for different people. The important thing is to never give up.

5. Have A New Habit.

Immediately after quitting, many people find it helpful to develop a new habit to replace smoking.

You can engage in other things to pass your time; you can engage yourself into sports or into reading or blogging. Also, you can divert your attention into such activities as the arts and photography.

Other things that you can do after quitting smoking is to be generous to your family and friends by giving them simple gifts of gratitude – you will be saving money because you are no longer buying expensive cigarettes.

Consider using that extra money for these gifts or to treat yourself as a reward.

If you have less time and money to spend for smoking, then the possibility of going back to your old habit is decreased.

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