1. This message is for all but I ask that any parent take time to watch this.

    Health conscious friends and parents, first let me apologize for being THAT
    GUY and posting a 90 minute video. But this is just that important to me.
    This is lecture given by Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics
    in the Division of Endocrinology.

    Listen in your car, on the bus, on the train, while doing laundry .. but
    please watch/listen to this lecture. I believe it will change your
    perspective on all food in america.

    He is a bit liberal but I don’t care about his politics. But I was frankly
    appalled at our government lack of research and action. I’m not going to
    debate conspiracy a theory. I just am passionate about these facts and feel
    that PARENTS NEED TO KNOW. I would really like to hear back from parents.
    Please follow me and lets continue to share.

    All the best
    Christian – Passionate and Outraged father

  2. Thank you for posting this presentation. Very informative

  3. this guy doesn’t know wtf he is talking about… hfcs and sugar ARE NOT THE
    SAME!! A Princeton University research team has demonstrated that all
    sweeteners are not equal when it comes to weight gain: Rats with access to
    high-fructose corn syrup gained significantly more weight than those with
    access to table sugar, even when their overall caloric intake was the same.

  4. Chugging a bunch of fruit sugar might be slightly better than chugging high
    fructose corn syrup, but not by much. A good way to gift yourself metabolic

  5. Oh clam it with bringing up individuals, that doesn’t prove anything. He’s
    a doctor explaining biochemistry, not fashion model you fool. Durianrider
    is super frail after a decade of not eating meat, he’s mentally unbalanced,
    and is going to give himself insulin resistance.

  6. Steak, eggs, fish are the best things you can eat, certainly *not* a
    freakin’ banana.

  7. then how does he win race after race IF he’s unhealthy you ignorant bucket
    of monkey spunk MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAA !

  8. you must have misinterpreted and/or not listened because to my
    understanding there is no mention of hfcs and sugar being the same. in fact
    he seems to do the exact oposite and stress the difference between “sugars”
    quite clearly

  9. You can win a race and die from your unhealthy diet tomorrow, it happens.
    If you see a body shot of Durianrider, he’s frail, like most vegans. His
    bone and muscle is withering away, his mind is already gone.

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  11. wow you really are a self deluded meat eater aren’t you – he’s been on this
    diet for over 10 years -don’t you think if he was unhealthy cuz of his diet
    he would have died ? -jesus your’e one dumb meat gobbler you know that

  12. there is a 1:20 hr full video of this speech watch?v=dBnniua6-oM at time
    marker 0:20 he blurts out quite emphatically “HFCS and sugar are EXACTLY
    the same” When it is clear from the evidence that obesity exploded when
    HFCS came on the scene. HFCS is not only cheaper than sugar but it also
    acts as a preservative increasing shelf life. That is why it is everywhere.
    And it is POISON. Far worse than sugar could ever be.

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  14. Thank for then lessons. True for de good life.

  15. This is bull shit

  16. Watch this video to see why I tell all of my clients that before your body
    and mind will respond to fitness training, you need to eliminate or greatly
    reduce your sugar intake. #feelingsogoodtoo 

  17. Well done. Great lecture. Came across it whilst looking for paleo diet.
    Sugar has been killing us for years and nothing is done about it.

  18. I would agree as well about everything you said, but when it comes to bread
    i think you need more knowledge.

    Fructose in bakeries is essential, fructose is found in honey, tree and
    vine fruits, flowers, berries, and most root vegetables; this is true.Right

    When it comes to bread ( Dough, Cakes, Etc…) flour is mixed with water,
    yeast, sugar ( could be fructose) and salt ( other element could be added
    according to the type of bread needed) This is the oldest way we know so
    far and it has been in practice since thousand years.

    As long we are talking about bread ( as you said Sir ) Fructose or other
    kind of sugar added to bread making; are under control of yeast

    This phase Dr.lusting yeast enzymes convert sugar (glucose, or fructose) to
    ethanol and carbon dioxide.This is the first step. The carbon dioxide is
    released during proofing. Finally the last step when dough is ready to be
    baked. Am not trying to make Fructose a magical sugar; but it’s anyway.

    Thank you for such work and presentation. I learned something new today and
    am sure you did too.


  19. TexasChainsawJesus @ ” One size does not fit all. A high fat diet may be
    fine for you, but it ain’t for me.”

    Well yes, cause we basically all work the same! What doesn’t work for you,
    Fat-Wise, is that you eat too many Carbs, WHILE eating High Fat! Besides
    Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals ( Horribly Fed ) you can’t mention a single
    creature on this planet, who eats a different diet, than what Nature
    intended it to!!! Why!? Because that is Evolution in a nutshell!!! No
    creature on this planet is born, without everything is provided for it,
    that includes us humans!

  20. Just curious why the vegans are so bothered by this guy. Lustig isn’t
    advocating lowcarb, he says fruit is good for you as long as you aren’t
    juicing it. He repeatedly says “glucose is the energy of life” and claims
    starch with fibre is good food. Surely there must be tons of paleo dudes
    whose body fat must be of greater interest then Dr Lustigs?

  21. For the love of God, go meatless, don’t use fluoride, don’t eat processed
    foods. See Durianriders videos, he’ll straighten you out. He’s living proof
    and shows you his daily routine, plus his blood results. Beat that, fukin
    scamming medical fraternities. You don’t need know doctors, you need
    edumacation folks. Medical institutions were started for profit only,
    thanks to the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers, with money and trains, excuding
    all, but those they wished into their club. WTFU.

  22. My point is, you cannot compare fructose from coke (actually HFCS) with
    fructose from a *freshly pressed* orange juice (emphasis on freshly
    pressed, the home made juice from natural orange fruits), it’s NOT the
    same. Same for fructose found in pasteurised concentrate juices, the WIC
    approved juices Dr Lustig is basing his observations on (he mentions it
    somewhere after 26:00). I have done several juice fasting in the past and
    always lost weight. I know someone who’s done it for… 8 months, and he’s
    not put up on weight…

  23. Disease is nothing to play with and I believe sugar feeds it more and more
    everyday causing the build up of Ash, Unbalanced pH, and Acid. Making fat
    cells fatter and bones denser.

  24. A friend and I came to our conclusions independent of Dr. Lustig’s video a
    couple of years ago.

    Our conclusions were that changes diet will be responsible for 90% of all
    weight loss. Minimizing sugar consumption is responsible for 90% of that
    weight loss.

    My friend has lost 60 pounds, and I 110 pounds. My friend is strictly
    going for weight loss, where I’ve gone for weight loss and increased

    Give or take, Dr. Lustig’s video is correct.

    That said, there is a place in our diets for simple sugars in moderation. 

  25. who can help lose weight????????

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