Suddenly Slender International Announces that Popular Zumba Instructor Adds New Body Wrap Service to her Zumba Business in Hobart, Indiana

Hobart, Indiana (PRWEB) October 29, 2013

Zumba Fitness, located in the strip mall behind the Paragon Restaurant on Ridge Road, has been a destination for those who love Zumba since early 2011. Its energetic and outgoing owner is now also delivering mineral body wraps at that location. Clients have lost an amazing amount of inches in the early months of Ms. Nemtuda's new business endeavor.

On her Facebook page “I love Zumba so much I teach it!!!!”, Jill posted a series of photos showing before, during and after shots of her clients. The body wrap experience takes a little over an hour from start to finish, and Jill does them on men or women who are interested in losing inches. Larry lost a total of 41 inches after his first body wrap, mostly on his chest and waist. Taiyelle and her mother, Regina, came for wraps together and they lost a combined total of 65 inches on their first visit. Jill has found that even 48 hours after the body wrap, clients are still losing inches. Taiyelle and Regina lost another 33 inches in combined total two days after their first wraps.

In 1967, Victoria Morton, President of Suddenly SlenderInternational, Inc. developed the body wrap system to handle her own need for body sculpting and detox. Per Ms. Morton, “I am very pleased that Suddenly Slender has been able to help both small and large business owners expand their services over the decades. Mineral wraps are an ideal way to help change the bodies and health of clients already interested in being fit. Jill is an example of what a small business entrepreneur can do in finding a product that complients and adds to her existing business.”

About Jill Nemtuda: Zumba is a method of exercise employing dance moves to burn calories and strengthen muscles. Zumba Fitness in Hobart, owned by Jill, is an authorized Zumba location. The use of mineral body wraps in addition to regular exercise has given clients a real edge in reshaping their bodies where inch loss is important to them. For more information see: http://jillnemtuda.zumba.com/

or https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/216026258436441/

About Suddenly Slender International Inc. – Over 3,000 locations worldwide have used Suddenly Slender mineral body wrap products over the last 46 years, since Victoria Morton invented the mineral compression body wrap.

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