StrictlyBodybuilding.net Founder Gives Readers Free Weight Loss/Bodybuilding Secrets Video and PDF

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 20, 2012


Christian Blake, the founder of the muscle building and exercise website Strictlybodybuilding.net has just announced the availability of his free 60-minute training video and accompanying PDF. The video details his secret of going from an overweight 220 pounds to a lean and healthy 91 pounds without the use of drugs. StrictlyBodybuilding.net is dedicated to providing hundreds of free diet, exercise and weight lifting routines that are proven to eliminate excess fat and create a lean and rock solid body.

While millions of men and women around the world are constantly searching for practical and proven tips on how they can burn excess body fat and build muscles, most find it impossible to wade through the industry’s schemes and profiteers. Christian Blake, the founder of StrictlyBodybuilding.net is resetting the paradigm with the release of his free weight loss body building video and a website that provides readers with a growing resource of proven weight loss and effective muscle-building articles and videos at no cost.

“Although I am not a bodybuilding expert, I was able to find the diet and exercise routines that took me from an overweight 220 pounds to a ripped 91 pounds,” said StrictlyBodybuilding.net Founder Christian Blake. “I wanted to share my secrets and everything that I have learned with others at no cost via this website so that they can accomplish the same thing.”

To show his sincerity, Blake is giving website visitors a free copy of his 60-minute training video that details his secrets of diet and exercise that gave him his new physique. With the assistance of a dedicated research team, Blake’s goal is to produce over 2,000 articles and create hundreds of videos on rapid fat loss and fitness as well as getting ripped and maintaining six-pack abs without surgery or drugs.

Currently, the website has dozens of articles on a proven get ripped diet and exercises that will develop the body’s differing muscle groups. Each article provides step-by-step instructions of how to perform each exercise and create an exercise routine that incorporates them into an ongoing exercise plan. A series of abdominal and lower back exercises explain how to perform nearly one dozen exercises that will effectively develop the muscles in the mid section of the body.

There are also a number of articles with specific chest, arms, shoulders, triceps and bicep exercises that can be incorporated into ongoing weightlifting routines. Each exercise is thoroughly explained and then incorporated into a written standardized seven-day workout routine. Readers will also find weightlifting routines for beginners. In addition, the website’s resource page includes reviews of some of the best fat burning and fitness products available on the web. For more information, please visit http://www.strictlybodybuilding.net/

About StrictlyBodybuilding.net:

Strictlybodybuilding.net is a dedicated bodybuilding website that teaches readers how to eliminate their excess fat and create a lean and rock-solid body. The tips and fitness information are presented in the form of a growing series of articles and videos that represent the most current and effective techniques that transcend all eras and fads. The goal of the website’s dedicated research team is to add more than 2,000 articles and hundreds of videos that will represent the most thorough and complete online resource of proven weight loss, fitness exercises and plans.

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