Stretch Marks On Breasts & How To Get Rid Of Them

by Bonnie Jones
(Denver, Colorado, USA)

Stretch marks on breasts are not just something that big-breasted women suffer from – anyone can have them, especially if they’ve gone up and down in weight throughout their life time.

Why Do Women Get Stretch Marks on Their Breasts?

The most common reason for women to develop stretch marks on breasts is due to a rapid change in weight. However, pregnancy also causes certain hormones to be released which will make the chances of developing stretch marks far more likely.

You probably already expect your breasts to change a lot during pregnancy, but if you take steps to help keep the skin healthy then you will help to protect yourself against developing stretch marks.

When the stretch marks first develop on your breasts, they will be pink or purple in color just as if they had developed anywhere else on the body. The breasts are a highly personal area of a woman, which is why many women feel that stretch marks lower self esteem and cause them to become concerned about the way they look.

However, your stretch marks will naturally fade with time. You can also take proactive measures to help reduce their appearance and to feel confident about your body once more.

Tips for Masking Stretch Marks on the Breasts

There are a number of ways in which you can deal with stretch marks on breasts. If you find that they show through when you wear low necklines, and want an instant fix, then simply dust a little powder on your breasts to help cover them up.

For a more long term solution you will need to look at stretch mark creams or surgical treatments. The abdominoplasty is most successful at removing stretch marks, but is only available for the stomach.

The good news is that laser surgery can target very specific areas, such as the breasts, but the bad news is that removal is not guaranteed.

You may want to try a stretch mark cream to begin with, and watch how it works for you. Many women have reported huge success when using stretch marks lotions, though creams will generally fade the scars rather than heal them completely.

Try a free trial to see whether this is an option for you – Dermology is one of the best creams in this area.

Other ideas for reducing your stretch marks include:

* Drinking plenty of water,
* Massaging your breasts daily to increase circulation,
* Sticking to a healthy diet.

Whatever you do, remember that stretch marks on breasts are completely natural – and large percentage of women have them. That said, with the removal methods listed above, you should see a great reduction in the way they look.

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Updated: May 28, 2013 — 4:03 am

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