Strengthening the neck.

The two primary objectives of the Redskins’ strength-training program are to prevent injuries and to enhance the players’ strength, speed, power, and explosiveness.

Since all of the major muscles are used to protect the body and play the game, we make sure to see that no single area of the body and no one exercise takes precedence over another. Every major muscle of the body must be recognized, isolated, and developed to full potential.

By dividing the body into five major segments, we are better able to select exercises that address the specific needs of each of the muscle groups we work on. The five major segments include:

Neck – flexors, extensors, trapezius tra·pe·zi·us
A muscle with origin from the superior nuchal line, the external occipital protuberance, the nuchal ligament, the spinous processes of the seventh cervical and thoracic vertebrae, with insertion into the lateral third of the posterior .

Hips and Legs – flexors, extensors, gluteus glu·te·us
n. pl. glu·te·i
Any of the three large muscles of each buttock, especially the gluteus maximus, that extend, abduct, and rotate the thigh. , hamstrings, quads, calves.

Midsection mid·sec·tion
A middle section, especially the midriff of the body.

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