Strength Training Exercise

Take your time when toning your body. You can maximize the benefit of a biceps strength training exercise, a back strength training exercise, a chest strength training exercise, and so on, by doing them in small blocks of time every day. Although the USDA recommends at least thirty to sixty minutes each day, you don’t have to spend all of it weight training you probably do physical activity that counts as exercise every day. Get on the resistance bandwagon! Resistance bands are easier and more flexible than barbells, dumbbells or even hand weights. Your weight training routine will benefit from adding at least one strength training exercise that uses a resistance band.


Try doing squats while pulling on the resistance band wrapped around a doorknob this weight training exercise strengthens the butt, thighs, back, chest, triceps and biceps. Here’s another reason Americans are fatter than Europeans. American cities, in general, are less walking-friendly than European cities. Distances, lack of sidewalks, and traffic make it harder to find good walking areas.

Don’t be discouraged from your fitness walking regimen. Look for high school tracks, paths in parks, industrial parks which often have lots of flat streets with sidewalks, shopping malls, golf courses, or playing fields where you can walk around the periphery, or any nearby open area. In the mall, walking for exercise is more fun when you’re shopping.

Never drink alcohol before you work out, even if you’re not going to exercise for several hours. Your reflexes can still be compromised, plus your hydration is affected. Do your run or other workout, rehydrate with water, then have a beer if you must. It’s best to skip the drink completely before a big competition because effects can linger to the next day. For more details visit www.soundbodytrainer.com

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