Stomach Stapling To Reach Your Ideal Body Weight

by Babs ‘O’ Reilly
(Miami Beach, Florida, USA)

Stomach Stapling is also known as Vertical Banded Gastro-Plasty and it is a restrictive surgical method for weight control. A band and staple are used to create a small stomach pouch.

At the bottom of this stomach pouch there is a hole, through which the stomach contents can flow in the stomach and into the gastrointestinal tract. This procedure helps slow down the passage of food and also helps to limit the amount of food the patient can eat.

Stomach stapling seems to work even better when it is combined with a mal-absorptive technique, with which some parts of the digestive tract are bypassed reducing the absorption of calories and nutrients. When combined, these techniques are known as gastric bypass techniques and are the latest surgical methods of reducing body weight.

Stomach stapling is a serious surgical intervention. It is effective for many patients, but there are also many side effects associated with it. It has also been observed that some patients who undergo stomach stapling suffer from psychological side effects.

Stomach stapling is an abdominal surgery. The incisions may get infected just like with any other type of surgery. Plus, at times people also get fever and doctors may recommend an antibiotic to reduce the effects of it.

Some people even get blood clots, which can be quite dangerous. Some post-surgery patients get a feeling of nausea that is persistent. In some cases, patients fail to chew their food or eat larger amounts of food at a time.

There are many long term and short term side effects of stomach stapling. The short term ones include nausea, diarrhea and heartburn, while the long term ones are vitamin deficiency, stroke and at times, even death.

When patients start to overeat this causes the stomach staples to come off. This detaching of the staples causes an emergency situation and if the patient is not treated in due time, the problem may cause death.

People also suffer from stomach cramps after stomach stapling if they eat food that is too hot or is high in carbs. Due to the accumulation of large amounts of cholesterol, gallstones may develop. Nearly thirty percent of the patients who have undergone stomach stapling end up with gallstones – that is a high percentage.

Stomach stapling also causes nutritional deficiency in some patients and they can end up suffering from metabolic bone diseases or osteoporosis. However, this deficiency can be prevented by consuming foods that are rich in iron, calcium and vitamin B-12.

Patients who have undergone this restrictive surgery can also end up with a stomach leakage. This usually happens when the concentration of the acidity increases due to gastric acids.

The pouch ruptures and all the contents of the stomach go into the abdominal cavity. This is very dangerous for the vital organs, so you need to be very careful.

If a rupture and a leakage occur, then you will certainly have quite dangerous health complications. Even though at times the rupture can be sealed in a natural way, in most cases surgery is needed to seal it up.

Despite the possible side effects, stomach stapling is considered to be the best medical weapon for overweight people to fight obesity and eliminate it completely from their life. The surgeon will determine the technique that will work best in your individual case.

He will determine the best form of surgical treatment in line with certain factors, such as your weight loss goal and your individual health problems. In this way, things will be handled in a safe way and your treatment will work effectively.

Just keep in mind that even after the surgery you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle, so that you end up with long term health benefits.

It is also essential that you follow the dietary recommendations that are provided by your dietitian. Otherwise you may not lose weight through this surgical procedure. The fact is that it is not only stomach stapling that will make you lose weight.

You need to make lifestyle and diet changes to lose weight. This invasive weight loss solution can help you to lose weight to an extent and for this reason you need to set yourself realistic goals.

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Updated: August 21, 2013 — 1:25 pm

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