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Study Guide Digestive System 1. uvula hangs down opening nasopharynx; larynx moves down allowing air to enter larynx or go out through nasal cavity. Fat soluble substances like Alcohol and Aspirin easily pass into blood in stomach and can easily

“EXERCISE AND FAT LOSS People who don’t like rules may want to just get their head down and bull it out. Boot and about 200 are merrily using energy just to maintain their tone. Fat hangs limp like jello. Muscle is the engine that uses body fat for fuel. With more muscle,

From Your Veterinarian How can I tell if my pet is large abdoman that hangs down toward the ground may indicate obesity. – It has a sagging stomach, and you can grab a handful of fat – It has a broad, flat back and no visible waist

DigeStive SyStem 145 5 STOMACH Food passes from the esophagus into the stomach [2]. the stomach actually hangs down like an apron over the intestines. the mesentery contains blood and lymph fat in the feces _____ 4. black, tarry stools; feces containing digested blood

The Digestive System and Body Metabolism. The Digestive System Functions. Ingestion—taking in food. Digestion—breaking food down both physically and chemically

7.3 Notes 08- Digestion – Teacher — Page 1 Biology 12 fat glycerol and fatty acids, nucleic acids nucleotides. • Digestion is an EXTRACELLULAR process (outside of our cells). • uvula hangs down in the back of your

stomach. •A small flap of cartilage, called the epiglottis folds hangs down from the cecum. It has no known function and is an ideal area •Liver –Produces bile that aids in the digestion of fat . Digestion Accessory Organs •Gallbladder –Holds the bile that is produced by the

stomach and intestines) The uvula is a tag of flesh that hangs down from the medial surface of the lipid, fat = lipid/o, lip/o Large Intestine In contrast to the small intestine, the large intestine (Fig. 5-8) is only about 5 feet

Former: suspends the stomach from the liver. Latter: hangs down in front of the intestines. IV-V. Mouth and tongue Oral cavity digestive system Entrance Breaks down fat into fatty acids and glycerol! •! Nucleases Digest DNA and RNA molecules VIII. Pancreas

Thing that hangs down in the back of your throat people think is their tonsils is really the uvula, and is the end part of soft palate. The stomach is a thick-walled, J-shaped organ that lies on left side of the body beneath the diaphragm. It can stretch to hold about half a gallon (~2

BioSc 139 Digestive System Video Outline Dr. Nancy Miller / 2006 Digestive (fold) that hangs down like an apron from the greater curvature of stomach 2 Contains collections of fat and lymph nodules with lymphocytes and macrophages G. Rugae 1. Large longitudinal folds lining interior of

Differential onsiderations for Omental Fat Infiltration and Thickening on T Tiffany onafe, D.O.,1 Refky Nicola, hangs down like a protective apron from the greater curvature of the stomach and proximal portion of the

Fallopian tube cancer • The omentum is removed (this is an apron of fat that hangs down from the stomach), and multiple biopsies (small samples of tissue) are usually taken to fully stage the cancer (check if there

Digestive & Nutrition System By: Lisa Alison & Alyssa Ponce Period 5

The food must be broken down (CCK), secreted when fat enters the small intestine, inhibits eating. DIGESTIVE PROCESSES: The digestive system prepares food for consumption by the cells through five Then the smooth muscles of the stomach and small intestine

Stomach. Small Intestine. DUODENUM. JEJUNUM. ILEUM. Large Intestine/Colon. Bile from liver/gallbladder emulsifies fat (breaks it into smaller droplets)—mech dig. hangs down from lower edge of stomach/transverse colon over intestines (“lace apron”)

The Digestive System and Body Metabolism. The Digestive System Functions. Ingestion—taking in food. Digestion—breaking food down both physically and chemically

stomach. pyloric sphincter. small intestine. common bile duct/gall bladder/liver. pancreatic duct/ pancreas . appendix. large intestine . rectum . 1. mechanical digestion- the process by which food particles are physically broken down into smaller pieces without changing the chemical

Chapter 3 Gastroenterology fat mouth cut; slice an extension of the peritoneum which supports the stomach and hangs down as a fatty apron to cover and protect the small intestine a

An “apron” of connective tissue that hangs down from the stomach and transverse colon. 2. Tunica Serosa (= Visceral Peritoneum) Remove/detoxify from blood a) alcohol, b) toxins, c) drugs, d) fat-soluble vitamins [thus reason liver oil is so full of vitamins A, D, E & K!)

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