Still Trying to Find the Perfect Man?

by Eva Martinez
(San Antonio, Texas, USA)

Still Trying to Find the Perfect Man?….It’s Because He Doesn’t Exist!

We’ve all done it – shunned a second date because he didn’t tick all the boxes, or ended a relationship because we didn’t like the way cut his toenails in front of us or spent Sunday afternoons playing football.

Yet this is the harsh truth ladies (and gentlemen) – despite the countless stories of the perfect man rescuing a lost and lonely woman and whisking them off to live happily ever after – they were stories! Films, fiction, fabricated tales of idealistic love in idealistic lands.

The truth is – no-one’s perfect. We all have our flaws. And no relationship will ever be perfect; they all have their ups and downs. Even that seemingly flawless couple you know; I promise you that behind closed doors, even they have the odd argument.

So How Do I Know I’ve Met Mr. Right?

Mr. Right is the one you connect with. The one that makes you laugh, can trust with all your heart and just enjoy being around – whether it’s lying in late on a Sunday morning or enjoying award winning food at a five star restaurant.

Mr. Right is not the man who looks like a model, with money to burn and a six-pack even Arnie would envy.

Mr. Right is not the man who never annoys you, that tends to your every need and who you never, ever argue with.

Remember that Mr. Right is human too. We all have annoying habits. We all argue with those we’re closest with and we all have to look after our own needs occasionally.

But I Don’t Want to Settle

This isn’t about ‘settling’ for less. This is about realising that the perfect man for you isn’t the man you’ve been dreaming of ever since you were a little girl.

Your perfect man is out there, you just have to accept that we all come with flaws, and it’s those flaws that help make us who we are.

If you keep disregarding and dumping men that don’t match up to the vision of your perfect Prince you’ll end up lonely and alone.

What are We Looking for?

If there’s any men reading this who think they can now turn into lazy, heartless slobs and still get a gorgeous woman: think again.

There are still a few things we need from you:

• We need a man we can trust. A relationship is nothing without this. If you want to date lots of women at once, fine. But don’t make us think we’re the only one when we’re not.

• We want to be treated like a Princess – if only sometimes. Even if it’s just the odd occasion, please wine us and dine us and make us feel like the only woman in the world.

• We need to laugh together. Whether it’s you making us laugh or a shared love of something no-one else finds funny; it’s this that helps seal an unbreakable bond.

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Updated: October 19, 2013 — 5:26 am

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